Sunday, December 24, 2006


I met her when Ella and I were still dating about five years back. She was an adorable person. She was my friend. She was Ella's grandma.

I would always hear her usual greeting "Hi, Jay!" whenever she sees me especially when I pick Ella at mid-morning for a date. In a way, I have always enjoyed in the company of grandmas and that makes me feel normal all the time. I just like to talk to them and listen to their life stories and laugh. Feel like I'm still a kid listening to Lola Basyang's stories in the afternoon.

One time, I made her a bracelet out of swarovski (not sure of the spelling) jewels that Ella and I bought at Divisoria. I asked her not to lose it. The days following, I would always see her wearing it especially when she goes to church. I knew she cherished the simple gift that I gave her... and that alone makes me feel so good. Seldom that I see people cherish the simple tokens that I share... and I found it in lola Jovita.

Months ago, my mother-in-law told me that lola lost the bracelet when she alighted from the jeep in Bicol. I was told that she was saddened and kept on asking her son to find it because it was from me...

All the while I thought of giving her one... I never had the chance.

She left for Bicol about four years ago and I never saw her until three weeks ago in her hospital bed. She was in pain. She can't move her left arm. She can barely open her eyes. But she tried to be responsive whenever someone pays a visit. It was so heart wrenching. And I saw Ella for the first time so hurt and broken that she cried and cried.

She never saw me since and the feeling of guilt pains me in a way that I didn't take the opportunity to see her when she was still awake. I only thought of wanting to take rest after a long day trip. I should have paid her a visit. I would have been at peace.

She never saw me since. I never heard her usual greeting to me again.

Yesterday at 4am, Lola Jovita left.

She was 85.

Salamat lola. Paalam.

Incredibly not credible

The other night, justice secretary Gonzales was complaining about Smith's continued stay at the Makati City Jail citing that the Philippines has lost its credibility in the face of the international community.

He also blamed (and sarcastically thanked) Judge Gozon for the US' decision to withdraw VFA with the AFP and the US humanitarian mission in the Bicol region. He cited a ceratin provision of the treary that makes Smith under the custody of the US Embassy.

Hell no! Why should the Governement sign a treaty that is basically unfair to civilians anyway? I am not sure if the treaty says so in the event our own soldier is condemned by a US court. However, whether or not we are intitled to the same provision as the US soldiers would, it is for the fact that the US soldiers are basically notorious in such crimes all over the world. This may be one reason why they posted such provision in the treaty "to protect its soldiers..."
What about the protection of the civilians? What about the protection of the very people that the government should protect?

What if one of secretary Gonzales' relatives is being raped by an american soldier? Would he still be singing such "thankful" tune?

The fear of the US leaving the Philippines is generally the signal that the government is sending to its constituents and I am not sure the real reason for that. And may I ask, why are some countries excel without US indirect intervention? Mind if I may ask, Mr. secretary?

My mother would always tell me before that dependence is almost identical as cruelty to oneself. "You will never learn..." That is one of the best lessons I learned from her.

And until we keep on making excuses to the US on the way we practice our own Justice system here, we will never learn. Until we keep on seeling our own countrymen to the benefit of the US, we will never learn. Until we keep on bowing our heads to the US so that we look like crap in the face of the international community, we will never learn. NEVER!

But I may say so, Mr. Secretary. Isn't your boss lost its credibility to the Filipino people? And so are you.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

On power and responsibility

I was watching the Spider-Man sequel in the bus on my way to Manila from Clark yesterday. I haven't watched the second sequel so I didn't sleep. At the end of the first sequel, these words strucked me...

"With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift. This is my curse. Who am I?..."

No, I wasn't thinking of being powerful because I am not. Neither that I am a superhero or something. Neither that I hold great power nor have control over certain things. I wasn't thinking about being gifted because I am just as normal as the most of us.

I was just thinking about the current Philippine political scene. Of the so-called leaders who's obsession with power is unsurmountable. Like vampires obsessed with blood.

I am just concerned as most of us Filipinos out there. I have kids and they still innocent. I am concerned that someday if not soon, there will be nothing left in this country for them to live and fight for. Just nothing.


It's just that Philippine political system is just super conjusive to something that shouldn't be the norm in a civilized society; corruption.... and it seems to be a norm now.

It's just that the system is simply telling us that it is okay to lie and turn around and lie again... and it's getting to the point that it is a norm. The system is simply telling us that it is okay to trick the minds of the Filipinos and then try another trickshot if it's not working until the 'power of the sun' is in the hands of the 'powerful' and stay as long as they wish in power.

It's just that the system is simply making these politicians to be hungrier and hungrier of power until they become bloated and smelly. That it is okay to think and live like leeches, sucking all bloods and nutrients of the host.

It's just that the system is telling us that it is okay to go to Church, pray earnestly, and corrupt the people's wealth later.... and pray again for forgiveness and suck again.

Unlike Spider-Man, a politician's power doens't come from any spiders or bugs, nor from any form of ghosts, and spirits. These powers were provided by the very people who voted for them, to serve. A congressman doesn't even have the right to shout at the gallery telling the people they are just guests...

Unlike Spider-Man, a politician's power isn't even a gift. It is a previledge provided for them by the people who voted for them. They can't even boast that they have it. Like the way Rep. Prospero Nogarales did, singing his tune on cha-cha on news cameras.

Like Spider-man, they should be thinking like the way crawler thinks. Thinking about how grateful he is to have the gift and all the power it can due him. But on the other hand, he is thinking about the curse that the power could bring him.

But it's not the way it is. Unlike Spider-man, their heads are like empty coconuts.

And who are they? They are suckers!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ang pang-aapi ni Jose at ang ganti ni Juan

Si Jose, habang tinatakot si Juan… “Kita mo tong tattoo ko sa kanang braso? Tigre to!” Napailing si Juan habang di nya pinapansin si Jose.

Makaraan ang isang buwan, nagkaharap na naman si Jose at si Juan.. “Kita mo tong tattoo ko sa kaliwang braso? Agila to!” patuloy na pananakot ni Jose. Medjo naiinis na si Juan pero tuloy pa rin na pinagbibiyan nya si Jose…

Makaraan ang isang linggo, eto na naman si Jose… “Kita mo tong tattoo ko sa dibdib? Anaconda ‘to!” Ako ang astig ditto, walang kung sino mang pwedeng maghari ditto kundi ako!” Tuloy ang patutsada ni Jose.

Nainis si Juan at tinawag ngayon ang mga kabaranggay para labanan si Jose. Dala-dalahan ang mga itak, kris, kutsilyo, tinidor, rake, palako, batuta, ice pick, at kung anu-anong armas at kinumpronta si Jose….

“Ano kamo pinagsasabi mo?” Galit na tinanong ni Juan si Jose. “Tarantado ka a! porket pinagbibgyan ka lang namin sa mga kalokohan mo at umaabuso ka na!” Kasabay ang isang palo sa ulo gamit ang martilyong gawa sa corrugated steel.

Binugbog ng taong bayan si Jose at magdesisyong ilibing na lamang na buhay para hindi na makapagtangkang maging siga ulit…

“Joke lang po yun…” umiiyak si Jose. Nagmamakaawa….

“Hindi na mauulit…” patuloy na pagsusumamo ni Jose…

“Talagang hindi na yan mauulit kahit na magmamakaawa ka pa!” sabay sagot ng ka-alyansa ni Juan.

“Hindi ka nababagay sa lipunang ito!” sagot naman nung isa pang ka-alyansa ni Juan.

“Humanda ka na! Magkikita na kayo ni satanas!!!” sigaw ni Juan habang ang taong bayan ay naghukay ng libingan ni Jose… “Isama mo pa mga alalay mong mga hayop!”

“Ito bang mga ‘to?” Sabay turo sa mga tattoo nya. “Nagmamakaawa ako, pakiusap…”

“Itong sa kanan ko, hindi to tigre…” paliwanag ni Jose… “Kuting lang po ‘to…”

“Itong sa kaliwang braso ko, hindi naman talaga agila to… ipis lang po talaga to.” Umiiyak ng malaks si Jose na nakaluhod at nagsusumamo sa mga tao…

“Itong sa dibdib ko, hindi naman talaga to anaconda… uod lang po to…” Sabay halik sa mga paa ni Juan at nagmamakaawa sa buhay nya… “Joke lang po talaga yun e…”

“Hindi pwede!” tugon no Juan. “Wala kang kwentang tao! Ito na ang katapusan mo!”

Sabay itinulak nag mga tao si jose sa butas at inilibing nang buhay…

Naalala ko ang kwentong ito habang pinapanood ko si JDV sa TV nung Lunes. Napapailing na lang ako at natatawa ako sa kanila.

Hindi nyo kami maloloko! Hindi nyo rin kami makukuha sa mga pagsusumamo nyo, JDV!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sarap sarap ng first!

Tumunog telepono ko kahapon... si Ella...

"Hello?!" Sagot ko... nasa isip ko lang kukumustahin lang nya ako sa naging araw ko. O di kaya'y naisip lang nyang i-check kung ano ginagawa ko... as usual baga..

"Hon, tinawagan ka na?" tanong sa kabilang linya.

"Hindi, kanino?" Sagot ko na may halong pagkamangha. Sino ba naman tatawag sa akin sa mga kakilala nya? Hindi naman tumatawag sa kin mga byenan ko kung wala sya unless emergency. Wala lang ako hinihintay na tawag maliban sa mga katrabaho ko sa Malaysia.

"Nanalo ka daw sa raffle!" Aniya. Pero hindi masyado excited sa pagkakasabi ni Ella. Parang wala lang.

"Huh? Raffle? San raffle?" Naku, ni minsan wala akong naalala na nanalo ako sa raffle maliban sa isang set-up. Yung lahat panalo baga....

Naalala ko yung sa Philips Semicon dati. May raffle daw sa Christmas party. Syempre, excited ako. Tapos electronic raffle pa thru time-in system. Kinagabihan, nabunot pangalan ko. Nanalo ako ng grocery basket. Mga de-lata ng Purefoods ata yun, spaghetti, at keso. Pucha, ang saya ko nun, first time nga.

Anak ng tipaklong na bakla, nalaman ko na lang kinabukasan na lahat pala ng empleyado ay nanalo sa raffle. OA naman ng organizer ng paraffle na yun....
Ilang beses na rin ako tumaya sa lotto. Pero, napanalunan ko lang ay balik-taya. Tatatlong beses pa lang ata nangyari yun...

Pero eto iba. Sino ba naman magbibiro sa asawa ko ng ganun? At isa pa, hindi naman talaga pumapatol si ella sa mga nagtatawag o nagtetext na nanalo kamo kami sa raffle.
"Sa appliance center! Nanalo ka daw ng Sony DVD!" Sagot ni ella.
"Huh?" Ano daw? DVD ba kamo?

O nga pala, bumili pala kami ng appliance nung Oktubre sa tindahan na yun. di ko pa nga pinansin yung raffle stub at sa dinami-dami nang pa-raffle na sinalihan ko lalo sa mga mall e ni minsan ay hindi ako nanalo kahit isang lata ng sardinas man lang na premyo.

"Forward ko sa 'yo text ng appliance center. Punta ka na dun at dalhin mo yung raffle stub at yung resibo para ma-claim mo na." sabay binaba ni ella ang telepono.

Segundo lang pagitan natanggap ko text ni Ella...

"Ma'am, sa appliance center to.nanalo si ardel jay lagat ng sony dvd sa raffle. punta sya dito dla ID at rsibo. thanks!"

Okay! totoo na to! Dali-dali kong hinanap yung resibo at sa tagal na ay hindi ko na matandaan kung saan ko itinabi yun. Nagkalat muna ako sa bahay at voila! nakita ko na ang katumbas ng isang DVD player!
'Di ko talaga to malilimutan. Ito'y isang una. Ito'y isang makabuluhang parte sa kasaysayan ng buhay ko.

At ang karanasan na yun ay nagsasabi sa kin... "Jay, tumaya ka ulit sa lotto..."

Sarap ng first!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

For Josh

It's been two years, Josh. You were just perfect for us, just perfect...

Two years ago, we could only wonder how good God is and how you have brought so much joy to our heart, how much you have brought so much laughter and happiness to all of us. You are such a blessing...

Two years ago, we could only wonder how much you have changed our views in life, how much you have made us a little bit mature, and how much you have made us believe how wonderful life is...

Two years ago, we could only wonder how much we cried out to God, thanking Him for you...

Two years ago, we could only wonder how your cries sounds so sweet to our ears, how your smiles soothes our mind and spirit, and how much you bring us more reason be alive...

We could only wonder how much you broke our hearts when you were sick. We could only wonder how much we felt your pain... and how much you have told us that it was going to be fine, that everything is going to be alright... and how much you have shown us how to be strong despite...

It's been two years, Josh, and you are just as amazing as you were two years ago. You just simply remind us to take each milestones one step at a time and how to keep a smile while taking it...

We love you, Josh, and we want to take you for the smiles that brought us so much relief. Thank you for just being there... for just simply helping us put things together when life's getting harder.

Thank you for making us realize how good this life is by just calling us "Daddy! Mommy!" and for how much faithfulness you have when you say "Love you daddy! love you mommy!" and for how much you appreciate us when you hug us, and when you say sorry for your naughtiness...

Thank you, Josh. We promise to walk the faith with you.

Friday, December 08, 2006

A congress of clowns

Now I understand more about Philippine democracy. It's all about numbers and just numbers. And with the majority of freaks and buttheads, Philippine democracy is sickening. It sucks!

Speaker De Venecia was in defensive mode after the midnight madness. What he was saying that this is democracy all about. They had debated on this, matindi daw. The minority were heard. The majority had it. So what's the problem daw. The rift between the senate and the President, gusto daw natin maalis yun. Mga kudeta daw dapat mawala na. Fine, Mr. Speaker! Fine!

The proceeding was a classic example on what garapalan really means. The lower house shutting down the senate, in which I understand and as I was always taught in college, is part of the congress. Ginawang parang Bibliya ang constitution na kung sino ang babasa e iba ang interpretasyon.

What's more sickening was that the lower house seemed like house of clowns.

Salapudin looks like one and Jaraula? I am so ashamed that I am from Cagayan de Oro. And how the hell was he elected anyway???

Clowns! Jerks!

Friday, November 24, 2006

A monument for Pacquiao?

Okay, I am not totally surprised. PacMan is a political hotcake, a bonanza, a supernova. Politicians call him a hero. People in the boxing world called him People’s Champ. Some may call him, “Manny the Great.”

I call him a boxing champ. Number 1 pound for pound king in the boxing world. The most exciting and entertaining boxer in the world at the moment…. and I like him.

But a monument for Manny? Whoaa… This must be too much. Sorry PacMan fanatics, it’s just too much for me.

Let me say, a monument for Gat Jose Rizal was built years after he was martyred. A monument for Gat Andres Bonifacio was built years after he was martyred. What else? Ninoy Aquino’s monuments were built years after he was killed. What’s common in them? Their imprints in Philippine heroism had been established. They were killed for a patriotic cause. Became rebels for a patriotic cause… Manny maybe have a patriotic cause, but there are still some issues that need to be settled for Manny and some are questionably personal ones. It was in the news…

Does being an inspiration to the Filipino people deserve a monument? Does winning boxing match deserving of a monument? Okay, who inspired us before Manny? Billiards king Efren Reyes; I’m not sure if a monument was built in his honor. 4-time world cup bowling champ Paeng Nepomuceno… Flor Contemplacion, an OFW who made a mark on Filipino’s hearts when she was sentenced and hanged in Singapore in the 90’s… .to mention a few. How about the OFW’s. How about building a monument for the so-called “Bagong Bayani”? OFWs maybe more deserving, they are one of the drivers of Philippine economy.

I have doubts in my mind, as I have always been doubtful about all this madness. It’s just all about politics and one can’t think of a justification of using Manny as a bait to what really this politicians are up to… political nonsense. Sadly, Manny is just being used… but it doesn’t really matter for him anyway, he has good intentions.

Manny inspired us, no doubts about it. But let’s just go back to reality. He may have united us Filipinos to cheer for a Filipino fighting for money and country’s for less than 15 minutes… And days after all the victory parades and cheers and handshakes and celebrations and congratulations… did we ever think that all these are temporary? Did he really unite the Filipino people?

Come on guys. Let’s go back to our senses.

Read the news clip here from MB online.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Great day for World Boxing!

I was excited today. Woke up at 7am, had a hot shower and took off to 7-eleven to buy a loaf of classic gardenia.

Ella called me just want to ask when the boxing starts… like all other pinoys out there, she’s excited. I just can’t imagine how peaceful the Philippines is right now. I hope nobody dies of heart attack today when Pacquiao fights. Lol!

Viloria technically lost the fight although it was a majority draw. He fought quite well as far as I am concerned. He just lacks the follow-ups especially when he downed Nino on the 9th. I don’t call 5th a knockdown. The last round was supposedly his last chance but he didn’t do it well. But he fought better than the last time they met last August and faster, too.

But that is boxing. Somebody has to lose. Unfortunately, it has to be Viloria and Erik.
Manny is just too good for Erik today. I feel sad in a way because I am fan of Erik as well. He was a great fighter and it saddened me that he has to go this way. I thought he doesn’t have to end his boxing carrier like that. He’s this guy who outboxes all his opponents and now he was downed 3 times.
“I think it's time to go home now and forget all this…” Erik Morales

PacMan is just too good of a boxer today! Not only that, Manny has just lifted our spirits today and nobody can take that away from a nation looking for a lift right now. I never saw PacMan fight that fast before, even in their second meeting last January or even with Barrera about 3 years ago.
Kudos to PacMan. All the best! Mabuhay ka, Manny… You gave us a hell of three rounds! Thanks man!

Who’s next? Hmmmm… Barrera, Marquez… line ‘em up!

Thank you Astro for the opportunity to watch PacMan boxed El Terrible live… I just hope that someday Dream TV will wake up and make some noise in the Philippines like you do here in Malaysia.

But wait!!! I just can’t believe Chavit Singson was there inside the ring, waving his hands with the mighty PacMan like he just won the presidency. Shit! That sucks!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A week that was...

Sunday was the usual long travel day for me from Manila to Clark to KLIA to Melaka… just a 13-hour trip. How I wish Cebu Pacific starts its operations here too soon… But hey, starting December, 5J will start flying from KLIA direct to NAIA. That would be easier and less stressful. Can’t wait!

Monday, 13November.
Nothing much happened. Had our sales meeting, we call it international sales meeting hahaha!!! An Indian, a Thai, a Japanese, a couple of Malaysians and of course me, Pinoy. It was a good meeting. Lots of thinking and strategies to consider. Well, we guys hoped that all these will be taken into a reality.

Tuesday, 14November.
We set off for Perak, North of Malaysia to meet a supplier. We were supposed to go Penang but we had to rush bak to Melaka due to an incident in the factory. Wow man, the place is cool. A 200km stretch of forest cover from KL to Perak. Nature at its best, guys! Two waterfalls down the stretch, caves, hills, forest, marble quarries. I was really disappointed of myself not bringing my camera. But anyway, I had my camera phone with me but it would have been better if I bring the better one. It's a lesson for me. I should have thought of being an accidental tourist that day.
At the end of the day, I was totally drained from traveling almost 18 hours. But I had fun. With much optimism also with this potential supplier. Hope things gets better though.

Wednesday, 15November
Nothing much happenings in the office but all about yesterday’s incident was the talk of the town. Sorry guys, I can’t talk about it for now. I think it’s too complicated…
When I came back to my flat, damn! I can’t use my shower room!

Thursday, 16November
Seellan brought me to Shin Etsu in Shah Alam. Good experience for me in a way. I went inside a Silicon Wafer processing plant for the first time. It was cool… Oh, how I missed working inside… L

Back in the office at around 5:00 in the afternoon and I saw him and my boss arguing about something. Hahaha! What a day. I’m with you, Seellan . Just don’t be too wrecked out about it.

I came back to my flat just to find out that the house cleaner didn’t return the key to the warden. It was raining that night. Dr. Panchal called me and invited me to his house for dinner. Thanks goodness… I just love Indian food. This time, his wife cooked something like a hotcake made from rice flour, potato “cake”, and “Kuri”, a sauce made of yogurt with flour and spices. Really nice.

Friday, 17November
My goodness, they were arguing again. Jeez… Fortunately, my boss left for a business trip and the office was silent again.

Then suddenly, Seellan asked me if I know how to blog…. Great!!! “Ok, man. Settle down. We have a lot of time this afternoon but promise me, don’t ever blog about boss otherwise we’ll be in a hot pan..” It was a simple piece of advise from me.

Voila! He’s a new blogger… Well, it’s Ate Melai's legacy to share. I just saw Seellan's face transformed from an angry son of a bitch to a happy and excited Indian!!! Hahahaha!!! Shit! I can see Dominic a future blogger next week. I hope boss doesn’t catch up with us.

Saturday, 18November
We were transformed from being office guys to movers for about 3 hours. But there was no way we’re going to wear a tie…

Later, boss told me to postpone our travel to Vietnam on the 27th and that I might as well got to Singapore with Dominic. Damn, I already had an appointment with these Viets… but it’s ok. I was able to change the sched though. Thanks for my wits! Hahaha!!!

It was sad. I won’t be able to come back to Philippines next week… I missed my kids, I missed Ella…. But the heck, it’s the price to pay for working abroad….

And suddenly I got pay-per-view of the Grand Finale!!! Our HR manager is just too kind to give me a break, hahaha!!! Thanks, Mr. Shahrudin. This is surely a blast! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A hesitant heart

Wednesday, about 2 weeks ago, Ella confided with me about her conversation with her boss that day. It was about her being appointed as an OIC Chief of one of the divisions of the agency. In one way, she was quite hesitant to accept the offer because of the fact that there are other seniors at her level who could definitely do the job and that definitely she'll probably be able to demoralize some of her colleagues (the seniority thing which is now a mere backward thinking for me...).

Second, she was hesitant because she is too young to accept the offer. Then, she thinks she is not yet ready to do the job and that other seniors can do better. But on the other hand, she was glad that day knowing that her boss has the trust on her all the while.

"That's the point!"

Anyway, I told her that these days, though still considered, seniority is no longer at the top of the list of corporate mindset in terms of human resource and she and all her other collegues should understand that. Then most of the time, the boss sees more of her than herself and that may be one of the reasons why she picked her despite having other seniors to look into. And of course, she can't question her boss' decision in one way or the other. She can ask all the 'whys' and 'what ifs' but if she's rejecting the offer, it may be sending a wrong signal to her superiors; that she is weak! And only a few people have that opportunity and she should be lucky to be one of the few...

I suggested to accept the offer. Though it is not promotion, it is an opportunity for her to do more and better out of her job. "Don't mind the rumors! It is normal in corporate environment. It will subside in a few weeks. Just do what you are suppose to do!" I insisted. Afterall, it is for her to prove the rumors wrong.

The papers were signed last Wednesday. There were well wishers, there were sourgrapers. Some minds congratulated her, some minds were not so welcoming. Some are happy for her, others could be mad. Some smiled, some frowned.

I told her... "Hon, it is not your fault, could be theirs... congrats!"

Then the hesitant smiles...


Want to know Pareng Edwin's text today? click here...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Medical malpractice, can you believe that???

"Wrong blood type kills woman, baby."

"Wrong injection kills 3-year old girl..."

Medical macpractice in hospitals... wtf!

I heard the good secretary of health this morning in a morning show saying "the baby is already in a severe condition, with sepsis..." What??? Wow, I just can't believe he said that kind of excuse! The fact of the matter is, the hospital staff used the wrong injection to the poor girl at hindi pinag-uusapan dito kung gaano kalala ang kondisyon ng pasyente.

The same with Ms. Victoria who was supposed to give birth died because of a wrong blood type given to her during the transfusion. Imagine, type B blood was used instead of type A??? She and the baby died!!!!

It is understandable that definitely these incidents were uncalled of. Nobody in the medical profession wants this to happen. However, these incidents should have been avoided if these guys are too careful in carrying out what they are supposed to do. Pucha, hindi kagaya ng mekaniko ang pagkadoktor o pagka nurse na pwedeng palitan ng hex screw ang phillips screw!!! Buhay ang nakataya dito. They have no choice but to be careful in what they are supposed to do.

Come on, Doc. Secretary, please don't say that excuse naman. Please...

Calling on the Philippine legislators... yung Patient's Rights Bill po baka pwedeng basahin na jan sa congreso at ipasa na. Wag na po natin hintayin na ang isang kamag-anak ng congressman o senador na makaranas ng ganito, at magmamadali nang ipasa ang bill para makabawi sa nagkamali. Ganyan naman dito sa Pinas, di ba? Kung hindi maapektuhan ang mambabatas, ok lang.

One example, Dr. Loi Ejercito authored a bill in the senate to release more funds for dengue researh after one of her grandchildren (or great grandchildren) was infected with the terrible desease. I'm not bluffing, this was in the news about 2-3 months ago...

Classic example, Sen. Revilla (Sr) filed a bill to revise the family code so that the illigitimate children can use the father's surname... I just can't remember what incident triggered him that time but it was in the news about 6 years ago... to protect his other children...

Nakupo, yung nursing exam contreversy pala... what more can I say??? Well, the review centers are now monitored... duh!

2006 budget for health pala ay 0.25 cents per filipino according dun sa dokyu ng Probe ata yun o yung sa i-witness early this year. Biogesic costs 5.00 pesos a piece. Could you belive that???

I'm not saying that because of all this medical malpractice issues, we don't want to trust the doctors of these hospitals. In fact, in engineering terms, it's only a 'spike' in the data and is negligible. But medical profession can't simply accept spikes as part of their profession. Spikes like this can lead to death!!!

No excuse or whatever!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When I grow up, I want to be a...

"Class, I want you to write a formal theme with the subject 'What I want to be when I grow up'..." Si Mrs. Chavez, grade 3 adviser namin.

Naalala ko lang nung una kaming pinagawa ng formal theme sa grade school. Si Shaira kasi, pinsan ni ella, nagpatulong sa kin gumawa ng isang story summary tungkol kay Ramon at Jose. yun nga lang, parang kwentong bisaya naman daw yung summary na ginawa namin sabi ni ella. Eh ano ba naman expectation nya e bisaya ako!!!

Naalala ko nun, tuwing mga ganitong gawain sa eskwela, ang nanay ko ang aking karamay... maraming beses sya ang gumagawa at maraming bese din akong may 'very good' na marka at may pirma ng maga adviser namin. Naman! Nanay ko ang gumawa e... hahahaha!!!

Di ko din masyado maakukuha kung bakit 'My ambition' ang pinaka common na subject pag formal theme writing. Mula nung grade 3 hanggang nung sa grade 6 ako e yun at yun ang pinagtrtripan na subject ng maga guro namin. Bakit nga ba? Di ko natanong kay Ms. Zamayla (grade 6 adviser namin) kung bakit. Siguro di pa ako maruning magtanong nun...

So ito yung mga naging ambisyon ko nun mula nung natuto ako sumulat ng formal theme:

Grade3 - "My ambition in life.... My ambition is to become a teacher someday..." Oo, gustong gusto kong maging maestro nun. Gusto ko lang siguro maging katulad ni mama na magaling magturo. Frustrated, tinuruan na ako ni mama matutong magbasa at sumulat nung apat na taon pa ata ako nun... Kung sablay, lagapak abutin ko.

Grade4- "I want to be a Doctor someday... I want to help the sick..." Pucha, sabi kasi ni papa na gusto nya akong maging doktor kaya inisip ko na yun bago magpasukan sa grade4. Pero nung sumabi baba ko sa barbed wire, ayoko na... Hindi ata humanga sa akin si Mrs. Pongo nun kasi 85 lang nakuha kong marka.

Grade5- "I want to be an Engineer someday... I want to build buildings and bridges..." Gaya ni Mrs. Pongo, hindi din ata humanga sa akin si Mrs. Nunag nun at 86 lang marka ko.

Grade6- Eto yung pinaka memorable ko sa lahat ng formal themes. Pucha, 90 nakuha kong marka nun. "My ambition in life is to become a ood father, a good husband, and a better person..." Siguro nung time na yun e nagsawa na akong mag-sip ng kung anu-anong ambisyon at maliit lang naman pala nakukuha kong marka... Big time ako nun, pinabasa pa ako ni Mrs. Zamayla sa harap ng mga kaklase ko at yun daw ang pinakamagandang formal theme na nabasa nya. Mula din nun, naging magkaibigan kami ni Mrs. Zamayla hanggang nung nasa trade school na ako. Hanep! Sa totoo lang naman kasi, naging inspirasyon ko nun si papa na walang trabaho at si mama na nagkakayud para lang kami mabuhay...

Wala na ata ako ambisyon nung unang dalawang tatlong taon sa high school nun o baka hindi lang napag-usapan sa formal theme ang 'I want to be someday' na tema nun. Pero ang pinaka ultimate ko na ambisyon at yun talaga nakatatak sa utak ko sa loob ng apat na taon ay ang pagpapari. Syet! Gustong gusto ko talaga maging pari nun. Pumasa pa ako sa isang semenaryo sa may Cainta nun, Barnabites ata ang seminaryong yun... pero di na ako tumuloy. Nahihiya ako sa mga magulang ko at umaasa sila sa kin na kahit papano ay makatulong naman sa kanila kahit pa nag-aaral ako... Ayun, di ako naging pari. Buti na lang!!! Pucha!

Pero kahit hindi ako naging doktor, o titser, o engineer, o pari... kahit papano naging asawa at naging ama naman ako. At kahit papano, isa sa mga naisusulat ko sa mga formal themes na yun ay nagkatotoo naman... Di ko pa nga lang sigurado kung talaga bang mabuting asawa ako kay Ella o mabuting ama sa mga anak ko, but I'm trying to be one.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Accidental tourist

It was the first time, for almost a year of travelling to Malaysia, that I was able to roam through the trails of Historic Malacca one hot Sunday, 22Oct2006. My brother-in-law asked me to buy for him a 100Gig external hard disc, which is way cheaper in Malaysia than in the Philippines.

So I took the chance and brought with me my camera... and now I'm sharing the pictures through this blog...

Above is the Maritime Museum of Malacca located along the Malacca River, which is the replica of the Purtugese ship called "Flora del Mar" which sank off the coast of Malacca on its way to Purtugal. I am not sure, however, if it is the old Malacca Harbor. I took the picture on top of the St. Paul's Hill where the old St. Paul's Church is located. Historically, the Purtugese were the first westerners to settle in Malaysia particularly in Malacca.

Entrance fee here is RM30.00 or around PhP400.00 and voila! You're inside a Purtugese Ship! Like all other museums, no picture taking is allowed inside. Sadly, I wasn't be able to go inside the ship... :(Opposite the Maritime Museum is the Old Purtugese Fortress. This is famously called as "A' Famosa". This was once a symbol of Purtugese supremacy in the Straits of Malacca. A' Famosa was destroyed by the Dutch in 1641 after 130 years of Purtugese occupation of Malacca.

Behind A' Famosa is the St. Pauls hill where the famous St. Paul's Church is located. The famous Jesuit Saint, St. Francis Xavier, was interred here for 9 months in 1553 before his body was finally transferred permanently to Goa, India.

The church was built by the Purtugese and was later turned into a burial ground of the noble dutch such as the Harbor Masters. To this date, Tombstones are still left intact inside the church.

At the base of the St. Paul's hill is the Stadthuys, which was the seat of the Dutch government at Malacca built in 1650. Inside the Stadthuy's complex is the Christ Church built in 1753, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in Mallaca.

It took me almost an hour and a half following the trail but I ran out of excitement visiting other museums due to the heat that day adding up the haze caused by the Indonesian wild fires. I had a day though.

I never thought I'd be a tourist one time to the fact that I travel to Malaysia for work. But the heck, I realize that It's also a chance for me to be enjoy the places I going to...

Next stop... Vietnam!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Isang masungit. Isang mapagmahal...

"Hello?" Pupungas-pungas pa akong sumagot sa telepono ko mga hating gabi na yun nung sang buwan... Pabalik ako nun sa Pinas kinabukasan at kailangan ko gumising ng alas tres ng madaling araw at may dalawang oras pa ang byahe papuntang airport.

"Hon, san ka? Bat tagal mo sumagot, aber?" Tanong sa kabilang linya...

"Huh?" Ang himbing na ng tulog ko tapos ginising pa ako.."Dito sa kwarto ko natutulog... ano ba naman yan, hon... kailangan ko magising ng maaga..."

Tiningnan ko relo ko at 12:24 na ng hating gabi. Dalawang oras na pala akong nakatulog...

"Weh, asan tv mo? Buksan mo kung anjan ka talaga." Sabi sa kabilang linya na may tamang duda... Nananaginip ba sya na may kasama akong napakagandang chick at kailangan nyang magising ng hating gabi at tawagan ako? May nakain ba yang kakaiba bago matulog at ako ang pinagdediskitahan nung magising sya sumakit ang tyan nya? May nagmumulto ba sa bahay?

Tumayo ako sa pagkahiga ko, dumeretso sa sala at binuksan ang tv...

"Ayan, masaya ka na?" Balik ko sa kanya...

"Weh, baka sa ibang kwarto yan... Ano yang naririning kong babae sa background?" Nang-iinis...

"Kulit mo! Reporter ng CNN yang naririning mo!" Pucha, wala na akong paglalagyan neto... "Bahala ka nga!"

"Hon, sige na... ingat ka bukas ha. ab yu!" Ayun! tapos sabay baba ang telepono nya.

"Hello! Hello!" Wala na ako narinig pa...

Si Ella, misis ko. Buwan buwan ko nararanasan yan. Kung hindi nya gagawin yan, ako mismo tatawag sa kanya bago ako matulog at iparinig sa kanya ang tv ko... at iparamdam sa kanya na naninibago ako... hehehe!

Oo, Nakakabwisit. Inaamin ko din na pikon talaga ako. Alam mo yung mukhang naghahamon palagi ng away na wala namang kadahidahilan... Pag pinatulan ko, tapos na araw ko. Kung hindi ko naman papatulan, tapos na rin araw ko. Wala talaga akong choice kundi patulan ang pang-iinis nya. Sa huli, kahit papaano may napaguusapan din naman kami.

Ganyan lang naman si Ella. Unti unti ko na syang naintindahan. Sa isang banda, naiisip ko nag-aadjust pa lang kami bilang mag-asawa. Tatlong taon pa lang din naman kaming magkasama... Talagang ganyan...

Pero hindi mapapantayan ng pangungulit nya ang pagiging ina nya sa mga anak namin. Hindi din mapapantayan ng pangungulit nya ang saya ko tuwing makikita ko siyang masaya. Hindi mapapantayan ng kakakulitan nya ang tuwa ni Josh tuwing dadating sya sa bahay galing sa trabaho at kung pano ipinapakita ni Josh ang pagmamahal nya sa nanay nya gabi-gabi. Hindi mahihigitan ng mga pangaasar nya sa kin ang pagmamahal na ibinibigay nya sa akin, sa amin.

Happy birthday, hon. Salamat sa pagmamahal... Salamat sa suporta...

Ab yu...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deepavali Saturday

I had a chance to celebrate Deepavali in Malaysia last Saturday with my Indian friends. What made me interested most is the way most Malaysians celebrate such festivals. They try to make it simple and just try to enjoy the day.

My chinese colleagues picked me up at my hostel at around 3:15 in the afternoon (i thought I'd be having a bad day, they were supposed to pick me up at 11am) then we went straight to Seellan's place. I thought, like us Filipinos, they'd be having lots of foods, alcohol and all that... so I prepared myself for that day. But..

Seellan offered us some Indian biscuits and beer. Then he prepared us a good 'calderetang kambing', which tasted so good... chicken curry and java rice. That's it and I actually ate with my hands... hahaha!

With Seellan and my chinese friends

I didn't asked but Seellan explained that it's the way they celebrate. They are just happy having their friends come over to their place and mingle. So when Hariraya is celebrated by the Malay muslims, they will also go their muslim friends' house and mingle (even if they are not invited)... and so with the chinese new year and christmas... 'most important is that you have friends...' he told me.


At 8pm, I went to another indian's place and celebrate with his family. I was just the only one he expected that night though. Dr. Panchal is a pure Indian by the way. We had some veggie foods and some just been sent by her mom from India, a pepsi gold and some fancy fireworks outside their flat...

Dr. Panchal with his wife and daughter
It was a good day. A good Deepavali Saturday.

Ayan na, Lambino!

Kadarating ko lang nung lunes. Wala masyado ako balita dito. Di na din ako nagtangkang magtanong kay ella kung ano na balita sa pinas. Di na din ako nagtangka manood ng balita at miss na miss ko mga anak ko.

Dalawang araw din na di ko pinansin PC ko...

Nabalitaan ko lang kanina na nagdesisyon na pala ang korte suprema kahapon tungkol sa 'peoples' initiative' kuno na inihain ng Lambino. Sa wakas, kahit papano nagsalita na rin ang korte. Sana matapos na rin ang kahibangang ito.

At kung pinapanindigan talaga nya na walang halong panloloko yung 'peoples' initiative' na sinasabi nya, ewan ko na lang. Pero nagsalita na ang korte suprema...

“An initiative that gathers signatures from the people without first showing to the people the full text of the proposed amendments is most likely a deception, and can operate as a gigantic fraud on the people.”

O ayan na, Lambino. Mukhang nanloko daw kayo.

Hindi nga ba?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Travelling with crickets and a glitch

I travel every month to Malaysia and yesterday was no different. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and have some preparations and leave house at 5:00 am for a four-hour journey to Clark International Airport.
The only thing that mattered was that I had cold and it would be the first time that I travel with a runny nose. But it didn't worried me much, I thought it wouldn't matter.
Anyway, just as the plane took off that I realized that it would be a hell of a flight. My ears were in pain and worst, I barely hear a thing except for a ringing sound... sounds like there were a couple of crickets on the plane. The pain was just horrible. It settled a little bit halfway through the flight but still it was in pain.
But it was not the end of it. The ringing intensified during landing and as if my right ear was going to burst. It was the worst pain next to a toothache that I felt in my entire life and I felt that I was going to pass out... Fucking colds!!!
Where's my taxi!!!
Usually, a taxi driver waits for me outside the airport in Malaysia to take me to a two and a half drive to Melaka... But yesterday nobody was there to pick me up. I waited for about 20~30 minutes but there was no taxi driver coming to get me. Unfortunately, my local SIM card doesn't have enough credits to make a call. And fuck, I have to purchase a minimum of RM30.00 worth of credits at the airport. It's too much for a short stay in Melaka.
But I didn't have a choice.
Then I realized that our admin officer forgot to book me for a taxi. What??? I only got RM70.00 left in my pocket and the taxi rates could go up to RM150.00 from the airport to Melaka... I had never been to KL before and I don't want to take the risk of getting there with just RM70.00.
I had to wait for another 3 hours...
It was a long day yesterday. I arrived at my hostel in Melaka at 8:30 still with my right ear aching, half deaf, with a headache and a couple of 'crickets' ringing hard, and I was so fucking tired.
I will be flying again on Wednesday. This time to Vietnam and go back here on Friday night and fly again on Monday back to Philippines... and I still have this fucking colds, aching ears... and the fucking crickets!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Mother's Name: Aritas Lumod Lagat

Occupation: Plain housewife

'Yan ang sinulat ko nung pinagfifill-up ako ng biodata sa isang fastfood chain sa mindanao. Plain housewife ang occupation. Ano nga ba naman maisusulat ko kundi yun lang ang alam ko mula nung matuto ako magfill-up ng biodata. Plain housewife...

Daming tanong sa kin nung general manager ng foodchain na yun nung interview. Hanggang umabot kami tungkol sa kung pano kami nabubuhay at wala naman trabaho ang papa at plain housewife lang si mama...

Grade 5 pa lang ako nang mawalan ng trabaho si papa sa NFA pagkatapos ng labin-limang taon sa serbisyo. Ayaw kasi ni papa na ilipat sya sa Cotabato. Usap-usapan pati nun na inililipat o tinatanggal mga maka-marcos sa ibang lugar... at si papa parang die hard kay marcos, ayun sapul!

Simula noon, si mama na ang naging tungkod ng pamilya. Ayaw na ni papa. Barkadahan na lang, inuman ang gusto nya. At kung ano ang nasa isip nya noon, hindi ko alam...

Una, nagkaroon si mama ng sari-sari store. At dahil sa dun na namin kinukuha mga gastusin namin sa araw-araw, naubos din ito pagkatapos ng ilang buwan. Ang maalala ko lang nun ay ang paguwing lasing ni papa halos gabi-gabi at ang nakakabinging away nilang dalawa... 'Di ko masisisi si mama kung bakit sya galit at mula nun natuto akong magalit kay papa. Dun ko lalo naappreciate ang pagiging ina ni mama. Lahat gusto subukan mairaos lang kami sa isang araw at kung ano man ang dala ng buhay kinabukasan, bahala na.

Nangutang sa 5-6. Nagtinda ng Avon. Nagbabahay-bahay ng kung anong tinda. Nakapunta sa GenSan at Cotabato para magbahaybahay ng mga bag, flashslight, calculator at libro. Naging ahente sa halos lahat na appliance centers sa Cagayan de Oro. Nagtatago ng pinagkakautangan. Naging sidekick ng swindler. Naging witness sa isang swindling case. Nagtinda ng lansones. Nagtinda ng sibuyas at bawang. Nagtinda ng asin. Natulog sa palengke. Naging mananahi. Umuuwing luhaan. Umuuwing pagod.

Magkaron lang kami ng maliit na tuluyan. Makakain. Makapag-aral. Matuto sa buhay.

"Do you want me to hire you because of your mother?" Tanong sa kin nung genral manager. At kung ano man ang ibig sabihin nya sa tanong na yun... "Oo sir, please... matabangan lang nako si mama, makahuman lang ako igsoon sa high school..."

Ano nga ba dapat naisulat ko dun sa bio-data? Hanggang ngayon, di ko pa din maisip. Paminsan minsan, binabalik balikan namin ni mama ang kwento nya. Tawa sya ng tawa. Natutuwa. Hindi lang nya siguro maisip kung pano nya nalampasan ang mga taon na yun.

64 na si mama. Meron pa ring konting struggles. Siguro hindi na mawawala yun. Inaalala pa rin nya kami. Hindi pa rin sya nagbabago. Pero hindi gaya noon, nakikita na naming magkakapatid ang tuwa at saya na nadarama nya ngayon. Nakakatuwa.

Sa lahat-lahat... salamat, Ma.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Condo sa ilalim ng tulay

Napanood ko kagabi ang isang doumentary ng I-Witness tungkol sa condo living sa may tulay sa pagitan ng Makati at Pasay. Naipakita ni Jay Taruk ang sitwasyon ng mga naninirahan sa ilalim ng tulay sa kamaynilaan.
Nung mga nakaraang linggo, ipinalabas ng gobyerno ang isang report kung saan ang 'per capita income' daw ng isang pilipino ay nasa pinakataas na antas sa ilalim ng pamahalaang Arroyo. US$1400.00 daw ito, mas mataas kumpara sa mga nagdaang administrasyon. Sa madaling salita, ito daw ay ang kinikita ng isang pinoy sa loob ng isang taon. Kung nakakabuti man ito sa isang bansa, siguro ay dapat tayong matuwa. Pero....
Nang mga linggo ding iyon, ipinahayag ni Arroyo na ang Pilipinas daw ay wala na sa listahan ng mga 3rd world na bansa kundi naiangat na daw ito sa bilang ng mga 'second world' na bansa. Hmmm...
Nakakatuwa. Nakakaaliw. Nakakahibang.
Ang doyumentaryong napanood ko kagabi ay nagsasabi ng taliwas sa mga sinasabi ng gobyerno. Sabi nila umaangat ang buhay ng mga pilipino. Ang sabi ng mga tao sa ilalim ng tulay, parami nang parami sila sa condo... kasama na dun ang pagdami ng mga ipis, daga, lamok, sakit, at kung anu-ano pang mga kahayupan na nararanasan nila sa ilalim ng tulay. Ito'y isang katotohanan na pilit na ititinatago ng pamahalaan sa buong mundo. Hindi man natin pansin, naglalagay ng mga malalaking pader ang pamahalaan sa mga tulay sa kamaynilaan para lang di makita ng publiko ang katotohanan sa likod ng pader na to. Para na rin nilang sinasabing hindi na nila kayang puksain ang kahirapan sa bansa at takpan na lang ng maayos na pader.
Sa totoo lang, napaluha ako sa napanood ko kagabi. Dati, gusto kong malaman kung ano meron sa ilalim ng tulay sa kamaynilaan. Nakita ko yun kagabi. Nakakatakot. Ang lupit. Kahit anong pilit na tuwa ang mga ipinapakita ng mga tao dun, di nila maitatago ang hirap na ni minsan ay di nila pinangarap. Masikip. Mainit. Maingay. Madumi.
Si mang Marvin, hindi mo akalain na binubuhay nya ang kanyang pamilya sa pagsusuyod sa kanal (ilog) araw-araw. Ano ng ba naman ang magagawa nya kundi buhayin ang pamilya nya... kahit alam nyang malabo ang kinabukasan na haharapin ng mga anak nya. Isang kahig, maraming beses wala silang matuka... Hindi ko man maisip kung bakit sila nagkakaganyan o kung bakit napunta sila sa ganyang sitwasyon. Di ko dn masagot kung ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit sila napunta sa sitwasyon na yan.
Pero ang pagkakaalam ko, may karapatan silang mabuhay na maayos at marangal at sa tingin ko malaki ang dapat na pakialam ng gobyerno sa mga kababayan ko kahit na, kahit na hindi natin maisisi lahat sa pamahalaan ang paghihirap nila. Pero, hindi ko rin maialis sa isipan ko kung pano sila nagkakaundagaga sa paghahanap ng makakain sa bawat araw... sa nakikita ko, hindi sila tamad tulad nang pananaw ko sa kanila noon. Wala lang silang pagkakataon nang katulad sa atin...
Ano nga ba ang kahulugan sa atin sa 'per capita' income na sinasabi ng pamahalaan? Ano nga ba ang kahulugan sa atin sa pag-angat ng ating bansa (kuno) sa 'second world' na sinasabi ni Arroyo? Ano nga ba ang kahulugan sa atin ang pag-angat ng piso laban sa dolyar? May nararamdaman ba ako? May nararamdaman ba silang nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay? Sana may magagawa ako, bayan...
Ang dokyumentaryong napanood ko kagabi ay lalong nagpamulat sa aking maga mata sa katotohanan... ang katotohanan na nagpapakita ng kasinungalingan ng pamahalaan.
Bayan, ano pa ang mangyayari sa yo? Ano pa?

The day Melenyo visited us...

It was a day of (w)reckoning...
I lost track of my LPG consumption and finally it was fully depleted the day Melenyo struck Laguna. Just as I thought the storm was over at around 11am and the sun was slightly shining, my wife had to hurry me up to go to an LPG shop. So I went outside and I didn't realized that the storm wasn't over yet. 20 mins later... I found out that Melenyo's eye just passed and the worst was yet to come. First I stayed at our village's guard house for shelter but later, I found myself braving Melenyo's winds going back to my place... of course without the LPG.
Then my internet wireless antenna was down...
Super hungry, my wife revolutionized cooking noodles... bwahahahahahaha!!! She opened 2 packs of instant noodles and had it "boiled" to a fucking cold water. She said that the noodles will basically expand and soften (or cooked daw) when soaked wet.... and after 10 thrilling moments... voila! Like magic, it worked... Marami pala talaga maiisip pag gutom. But the thing was, she just tasted the noodles and had our househelp eat the rest... hahahaha!!!
After the storm, my wife had another idea... "call a friend..." So did I called a neighbor who happens to have a car. Pareng Rey came to the rescue! So we took off to the LPG shop. Of course, in the buy list were some junks (as in chips and boy bawang), a couple of 1.5 liter sodas and a pack loaf bread. On our way back, we had to pass through a detour because of the flood and suddenly... pareng rey's car stopped. Pucha!!! It just stopped!!! Nandamay pa ako sa kamalasan ko!!! Fortunately, the car re-started and we hurried back our place. Whew!!!
We have LPG!!! We have LPG!!! My wife can now cook noodles in a conventional way!!!
Hours later, my phone went dead. Then my wife's phone. Without electricity, we became "deaf and mute..."
That night, my wife couldn't sleep. She just stayed awake the whole night trying to make my kids comfortable as possible. We can't find her hand fan, so we had to use some cardboards as fan. At first, I tried to vigil with her and then later she was alone.... the next morning, it was my turn... (actually, nahiya na lang ako kaya ako nagising...)
The following day, our househelp told me... "kuya, wala nang tubig sa gripo..." Pucha!!! What's worst than that?
My wife and I just shrugged it off and laughed at our inexperience. Walang kuryente, walang internet, naubusan ng LPG, nagluto si ella ng noodles sa malamig na tubig, nandamay ng kapitbahay, nagvigil ako ng 30 minutes at si ella magdamag, at naubusan ng tubig kinabukasan... it was an experience of the inexperienced. We learned a lot of Melenyo. With a little bit of boy bawang and some chips, we were comforted after all.
The next time, we will be ready...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Damn small step...

Like everything else, it all started with a small step... and I did.
It was exactly a year ago when I decided to step up and prove to myself that I can still renew the confidence that I lost since I left the first sales company that trained me to be a salesman. Not only the confidence that I wanted to renew, I also wanted to claim the person that I was before. The feeling of being a looser started to overwhelm me and I was afraid that it was going to be out of control. I knew it would be a mess.
The president called me the day my 8-month old son was operated. I can still remember what he told me that time and it was really confusing...
"Jay, pasensyahan tayo. Nawalan ako ng mga kaibigan dahil sa 'yo. Ang ganda ng pasok mo sa kompanya ko... hanggang next month ka na lang. Gusto ko bumenta ka. Wala akong pakialam kung ano mga pinangako sa yo ng mga naghire sa yo..."
Looking back, I remember one May morning that a former colleague called me for breakfast. He said he wanted to talk to me about the future of my son and my family... His words struck me. He was my friend, a family friend....
Then he talked about how good his company was performing a year before. He talked about how much they enjoyed their Christmas. He talked about the future of the company. Their plans. The expansion and all sorts...
"Pare, gusto kita makasama dito. Para to sa inaanak ko. Sa tingin ko walang mangyayari sa yo jan... yung kinikita mo ba ngayon kasya sa mga gastusin ng pamilya mo? Tingnan mo ko pare..."
"We lack supervisor. I want you to be my supervisor. You will handle about a couple of sales persons and all you have to do is supervise. You don't need to sell... just supervise..."
I thought about it. The compensation was good. It was more than good for my family to survive for a month. Car. Perks. Guaranteed year-end bonus. Etc...
Honestly, it all boiled down to money. I started to compare the revenues that I earn with the revenues that I was giving to the company. I thought I can no longer survive... then I left. It was a leap of faith.
When I joined, there I slowly realize that all those things were not really true. Everything slowly emerged. I felt I was trap. I was trying to convince myself that everything was well and good. My proud self was telling me that I made the right decision and I was on the right direction. Then the president will call me and tell me things that an employee wouldn't want to hear. It was so depressing. All the good things that my friend told me was no longer there. "I lost good friends because of you, jay.." phrase was on my mind everyday. I was no longer the positive thinker... I was afraid. Maybe because I am a family man and that matters to me. My family. What will happen to my family if I don't have a job? Panic set in. It was confusing. I felt I was self-destructing... and I never confided to my wife until I decided to make a move. I just didn't want her to think about it and blame me for my miseries.
Exactly a year ago when I decided to make a small step to redeem my lost self. Though it would be another two months of insults, fear, and self-realization... it was a damn small step to redemption.
Until now, I am thanking my wife for standing by me during those agonizing days. I never seen her so supportive of my instincts. Ella was just there for me, no matter what. I'm also thanking Josh for the uplifting smiles.. it was a blast.
Thank you JobsDB for the assistance... you may never know but you helped me made a damn small step...

Monday, September 25, 2006


Just after I boarded the cab at the airport in Kuala Lumpur last wednesday, the taxi driver told me that some Malaysians are concerned about the situation in Thailand.
"What situation?" I asked him. I swear I didn't know about it. I wasn't watching some news channel before I left Manila. There wasn't even news of it at the Clark International Airport... sadly there were no newspapers available at the airport also. I wonder why such an international hub doesn't have a newstand?
"Bombing in Southern Thailand and a coup in the Thai capital. About two (2) Malaysian nationals died in the southern thailand bombing..." The driver, in his mid-40s, was telling me like he was a thai. He told me that the bombimng in southern Thailand was close to the malaysian boarder and they are concerned that some terrorists have free access in Malaysia. "Malaysia is typically a free and peaceful country..." he said. "People of mixed cultures live here in peace and harmony..."
I can see that in Malaysia. I can't see that in the Philippines... I thought to myself. I was thinking about the fragile peace in Mindanao. I was wondering why such a christian country is having difficulties dealing with our muslim brothers in the south and why such a muslim country like Malaysia live peacefully with christians, hindus and buddhists? I just can't understand why muslims in the Philippines, especially in Mindanao, were so misunderstood, and why christians in Malaysia are respected. Who started all this?
I remember a muslim friend back in Mindanao that he had to declare in his resume that he is a catholic just have a decent job. "It's the reality that we have to live with, even if it takes giving up may faith just to survive.." he would complain.
I also remember when I first reported for work in Laguna when some tagalogs reacted of my being a mindanaoan... "Mindanao? Muslim ka? 'Di ba ang gulo dun?..." "Mga taga Maynila ang nanggugulo dun.." I would answer them back.
I don't have a ready answer for this. Though I see some changes now than 15 years ago, I can still see an endless war in Mindanao. It would be tough to say this but we practice discrimination in our country. Ironically, we complain of us being discriminated in other countries... we complain about the meaning of the word "filipina" in the greek dictionary and all that...
Errrr... I hope it's just a cultural flaw.
Just a thought...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nograles is a big Joke!!!

World Bank report is misleading??? This is what the pro-administration lawmakers say about the report. read full article here from inq7. This comment must be one hell of a joke!!!
In the article, Nograles challenges the World Bank to provide specific evidence on corrupt practices in the Philippines to the Ombudsman "otherwise, its findings and general charges are just accusations blowing in the wind and meant to destroy and not to help this republic." This is onother one hell of a fucking joke!!! Is Nograles blind? Nakakabulag ba ang pumwesto sa kongreso? Nakakabulag ba ang payola ng malacanang? Pucha... Lumingon-lingon naman dyan at baka ka mastroke!
Here are some, Nograles...
  1. If Fertilizer fund was not corrupted, then what will Nograles call it? Why is Malacanang still trying to cover-up this fucking mess?
  2. If the OWWA funds were not corrupted, then why need emergency funding on the Lebanon Crisis? What do say, Nograles?
  3. If Philhealth cards distribution is not electioneering, why do it during the election period? Are Philhealth cards being distributed now??? Bakit nga ba walang nagdidistribute nyan ngayon? Meron ka ba dyan Nograles?
  4. Can I ask Mr. Nograles to look into our road networks? If the road user's tax are not corrupted, then why are our roads look like stone age roads? Nograles, pumunta ka sa Cabuyao at dumaan ka sa Pulo-Diezmo Road nang makita mo kung paano binaboy ng pamahalaan ng Cabuyao at ng Pamahalaan ng Laguna ang mga residente dito at ang mga malalaking industriya dito. Eto na lang para mas malapit, Nograles, umikot ka sa Maynila kahit malapit jan sa Malacanang at sabihin mo sa amin na napakaganda ng mga kalsada natin. Do we need an Ombudsman just to prove this? huh? Tanga ka ba?
  5. Why are there ghost employees in government agencies? Bakit may nga haoshao jan sa mga opisina ng gobyerno? I bet Nograles doesn't know this. It's not filed in the office of the ombudsman...
  6. What happened to the so called "Lyfestyle Checks"? Ano yun, smokescreen lang para masabing pinapatay nyo na ang corruption sa bansa?
  7. at marami pang iba...

We don't need to file a case to the office of the ombudsman, Nograles, just to prove corruption as much as you don't need to tell your mother that you are not having an erection while watching a tripleX movie. Otherwise, you will be called "inutil." Can you just stop joking around and we are fuckingly serious about corruption in this country. I bet the World Bank is not fool enough to realease a report without considering all aspects. This is one hell of a basic thing in reporting, grade school subject to.

Makes me think, does Nograles write his own report???

Like JocJoc and Bunye, Nograles is one fucking hell of a joke!

Bayan, ano pa ang mangyayari sa yo?

Vietnam ranked 4th among the most competitive economies among the ASEAN replacing the Philippines, according to a survey conducted by the Singaporean Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)… I just browsed this one this morning as I was researching on the some Vietnamese companies.
3Million jobless pinoys. Mike Arroyo filed libel cases against 42 journalists.

What do I expect from here?

  • Cambodia ranks 5th among ASEAN economies replacing the Philippines by 2008. I have no data for this but it is very possible, I believe. Knowing the capability of our political system to self-destruct.
  • At the rate of increase of unemployment per year, there will be close to 5M unemployed filipinos by 2010. Since 2001, GMA has been talking about reforms but these reforms were not effective (if there are any) to correct this problem. In 2004, she talks about 10M more jobs to be generated by 2010. I don't think so. She is way reaching beyond the stars just looking for the moon.
  • Philippines will be one of the "Moguls" of corrupt countries. In 2004, Philippines is with the "Matriarchs and Clans" alongside Russia and Mexico according the World Bank Anti-Curroption book reports. Hmmm… So we're like the higlanders now, huh? Immortal corrupt… Baka ma libel ako neto…
  • and… by 2010, Mike Arroyo will file libel suits to 6M Filipinos… including bloggers…

What's worst than that?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Taken at my frontyard using Sony DSC-W30 camera. Just learning though...

Monday, September 11, 2006


After a couple of attempts to have our own homeowners' association and failed, we now have at least a budding organization. It may not be as perfect as the homeowners wanted to become… at least things are now moving. What fuels the movement??? Just a retired 72-year old lady with extra-ordinary leadership skills. Perhaps maybe she just want things to be organized and adding up her past experience.

One will be ashamed thinking that I was one of those people who helped organized but failed. I thought that organizing is not my forte, and I was impatient, that I had to give up. I failed.
I am not really sure if it is really in the Filipino's heart to pull down a fellow when things are in shape. Or is it a cultural flaw? I just don't understand. I am almost always annoyed with all those Fil-foreigners throwing bad comments/blogs about this very country that molds me. I thought that these guys doesn't have the right to comment as they are no longer "pinoys" as they used to be. But on the other hand, I find these comments full of damn truth. What else can I do but shamefully shrug…

One classic example. A group of guys wanted to derail the progress of our budding community. They all have these ideas on how to make our community flourish and progressive. They wanted to speak a lot on meetings, just wanting that their voince is heard and considered. Not only that, it seems that they only want their voice to be heard. If somebody airs an idea opposing theirs, they will call it being "disrespectful." Wow, is it normal to all cultures or exclusive to our culture only?

Looking back on the previous attempts, these guys are one of the firsts to fail. If their ideas and "stragedies" are effective, where were the results? Were there any valid progress at all? Were things organized during their failed attempts? These guys just want to fuck someone else's ass then leave. Shockingly, they also make up some tales then would just deny it or "edit" all the stories to their fucking perfection.

Things are moving quite well under Mommy's leadership. For the first time in almost three years that we see some movements. It's nice to know that there is an opposition. I believe it is healthy. But seeing all these makes one to be annoyed. What the fuck are they doing??? I myself tried before but fail and I can't just help but ashmed to the fact that this retired lady who is supposed to enjoy her retirement does something for us and doing really well… We didn't have the milestones that her leadership has now!!!

This may explain the ugliness of our political system. I thought that these politicians started it all but now I realized that it started from the bottom up.

Mommy would say to me, "Jay, this is a fucking cruel world…" and I would tell her back… " Mommy, nasa Pilipinas tayo…" Then we are cool.

Friday, September 08, 2006


"Pindot, pindot!"

It's one of the first words my son would utter in the morning with a barney disc in his hand. Most of the time we can't help but submit to his beggings no matter how a good a tv show or a movie we are watching… unless we want to see him like a mad man the whole hour. But what else can we do??? Oh kids…

About a month ago, we notice him running around, uttering some words (sounds like singing actually), and his one hand on top of the other. "Fly, fly, fly…" he says and he would just jump around and running like a drunk. My wife told me that its a butterfly song he saw from barney. The following week, we heard him singing another barney song with his hands up in the air… We realize then how much he likes music. Then he would kiss us after the act, like some actors giving some gratitudes to the audience. Funny…

It amazes me everytime Josh does new things. We first notice his fondness to music when he was just about 6-7 months old. My wife and I would hum the lullaby song together for him to get to sleep… but he would just cry after we stop humming. The following days, we would hear him cooing with us as we humm.

I remember during a jumbo pack tv commercial when he would make his body freeze and his head banging. He really made us laugh that night and the following day, my wife bought some novelty song cds so that he could watch it over and over again. Then we were a fan of Lito Camo.

Just as he hearned to stand, he would dance like my drunk father with only his knees do the bends. That's the only dance step he knew until now, actually. Just bending his knees up and down, his hands clasped or raised, and his feet glued to the floor. "Parang unano..", my wife would comment…

Today is his 21st month and he's learning a lot! At his age, he can do the sign of the cross complete with the uttering of the Holy Trinity and he's so composed inside the church. Says goodnight to his Mcdonalds' toys before he sleeps. He can follow few songs… he would just hum and utter the last word of each line. He shouts "kakyaw!" when he sees manny on tv. He would hide to his mom when he sees cherry gil on the maldita billboard and would say "menang, menang, tatot…" When my wife (or his lolas) scolds him, he would kiss and hug them like bluffing and would say "lab yu" or "sorry"… He would kiss Lela everytime we come home from work… but dislikes Lela sometimes when we are not around… and he now have 10 bags full of tricks!

Just as we thought we see him learn new things each day, we didn't realize how much he has taught us to be the parents that we are today. He just made us so proud of him that we plan more for the future of our kids… and we can't wait for what else he can learn and do tomorrow… and we just can't wait for Lela's turn…

And for another bundle of joy? hmmm…. maybe… who knows?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Simple pleasures

It's 3 in the morning when I heard Lela cried. It's the usual time for me or my wife to feed her. Since I am quite in control of my time at working hours, it's my task to feed her at dawn. Ella has to take a good rest after a long day at work and long commute. Though sometimes I complain to take a break… Ella will just tell me that she's been taking care of Lela since conception and it's about time for me to take care of her until her 9th month… How smart (hahaha!). I know it's a joke! What else can I do???

Like most dads, I am always amazed about taking care of my daughter. I just thought that she's an angel. It's not that I am being unfair to my first born (Josh). Of course, I love him so much. But the thought of seeing her growing and learning new tricks makes me think that I am cool.
I remember going on her second month that she can't sleep that I had to cuddle her all night. The following night, I had to lie in bed with her in my arms. She slept. Then I realized later on that she just like to sleep that way. That was her first trick and she's still doing it sometimes.

Now, Lela learns to smile and a new trick brewing. Makes me wonder sometimes that she may have known we need her smiles after a long hard day specially with Ella. Adding up the joy that Josh is giving us despite his being terrible most of the time. Wow, it's heaven on earth, I tought. We can just stare at her smiling and all the troubles the day has brought seem to vanish…

I was awaken by her cries 3 o'clock this morning. At first I was pretending I didn't heard a thing and hoping that Ella will take her turns… But the usual happens. I took off and prepared her milk… Lela didn't want a feed. She just smiled like she's pretending that she didnt wake me up.
It was a trick of course… but these simple pleasures give us assurance that no matter how hard life is, everything will go out fine.
Thanks, Lela…

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Nagtext sa kin si tukog nung isang linggo… "bro dadating si LJ sa sabado…"
Ah si LJ…

Si Lovejoy, kapatid ni tukog. Di ko maalala kung ano tawag namin sa kanya. Isa din sya sa pasimuno ng munting prat namin noon. Naalala ko, sya pala yung nagsketch ng coat of arms ng prat. Medjo magaling din kasi gumuhit si LJ.

Rakista. Naalala ko paborito nyang kanta ang sweet child of mine ng guns and roses. Isa din sya sa nagturo sa amin ng iba't ibang kamunduhan at kalokohan. Magrolyo ng RP, mag hithit ng RP, mamboso, at magkunwari.

Naalala ko, minsan lasing na lasing yung bagong dating na sis namin galing marawi. Lahat kami nasa hostel ni tukog. Syempre, kapatiran. Pinunasan at binihisan namin si sis. Sabi nya, "Bro, asikasuhin at alagaan natin sya para wala silang masabi sa tin…" Sinabi nya yun ng walang dudang kaplastikan… sinagot ko din sya nang walang dudang kaplastikan… Kinabukasan, di nya napigilang sabihin sa kin ang kamunduhang nasa isip nya. Buti na lang daw andun ako… yun din naisip ko… buti na lang andun sya…

Nagkitakita kami ni tukog at LJ kahapon. Inaasikaso kasi ni LJ ang papeles nya pa saudi. Drayber ng bus sa kompanyang pinapasukan ni Camel. Ayun, kwentuhan. Pilit na binalikbalikan ang kahapon. Kantyawan. Tawanan. Nakwento nya ang hirap sa mindanao at ang hirap ng isang ama na mawalay sa anak, at ang pagiging asawa na mawalay sa asawa…

Gaya ng dati, namasyal kami na walang ekstrang pera. Walang pakialam basta magkakasama lang kaming tatlo. E ano bang magagawa namin e gusto ni tukog maglakad.
Dapat daw magpaunlak ako at sa tagal na namin na hindi nagkita. Nadale ako. Isang daan lang ekstra ko pero hayaan na. Bumili na lang ako ng Zagu para sa aming tatlo. Regular lang, walang halong sago. Nabunot ko pa ang dalawang pisong natitirang coins ko. Nasa isip ko, wantutrihin ko na lang yung jip na sasakyan ko papuntang Buendia.

Pero ang mga zagung yun ang nagpahaba lalo ng kwentuhan. Nagpapaikot sa amin sa loob ng mall na di halatang walang pera. Nagpaboko kay tukog sa kanyang corruption sexperience… at sa mga kwento ng samahan na di ko nasaksihan…

Masaya kahit papano. Masaya kahit walang pera. Masaya kahit Zagu lang…

Monday, July 10, 2006

Cheaper Air Travel

I'll be flying to Malaysia tomorrow and it would be the third time that I take on Air Asia after our company decided to cut down costs. It really make sense though.

Malaysia Airlines could cost you around 30kpesos on a round trip ticket. On the other hand, flying with Air Asia could only cost you around 8kpesos on a round trip ticket.
How was that?

We were interviewing one of the ground staffs of Air Asia at Clark last June about this. She said that Low Cost Carriers like Air Asia will only charge you for the your seat, insurance and fuel surcharges whereas with the Full Service Carriers like PAL, MAS, they charge you with loads of stuffs.

That much? Yes, that much. That includes insurance, fuel surcharge, foods, in-flight entertainment, hotel costs and food costs in case the flight is delayed (wow!), and lots more.
Looks like flying with LCCs makes a lot of sense. Though you have to pay for the food in-flight, you can still save a lot more!

There are some inconveniences though. Delayed flights, horrible shakings in air turbulences, and small legroom.

But the heck, I'm still in one piece!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Last Day

How would I like my last moment to be?

I haven't seen a person on his death bed before but I heard some stories and mostly these stories are from the movies. One story struck me hard.

My good cousin passed away about two weeks ago after a heart failure episode following a sudden low-potassium level in his system. In less than 24 hours, he retired... with so much pain in his heart.

"Wiggy, tawagan nako si Weng para makastorya mo karon ba... (I'll call your wife so that you could be able to talk to her now...)" Makith, her sister told her during his ordeal. She believed that it would had been the perfect moment for the both of them to talk after a failed marriage.

The last time they talked was months ago. After that, I was told that kuya had never been so sad all his life. A week before his passing, he complained to ate Makith how bad his life had been, with all the pain he's felt, about his failed marriage, about his love for his daughters, hi in-laws. He lamented why he was so weak and Makith is stronger than him in so many ways and he cried hard with hard breathings.

"Saba diha!!! Tawag tawag anang bayhanang way pagpakabana nako!!! (Shut up!!! Why call that woman who never cared about me!!!" With all his might he shouted at ate makith that time... She must have hurt him so badly...

Reflecting on his death, how would I like my last moments be?

Maybe, I like to be alone in my death bed... I mean with no one staring at me die slowly. I don't want to hear my love ones cry.. or hear them that I hold on.. or hear them how good or how bad a person I was..

And I don't want to say something that would hurt...


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Doctors with Punctuality Issues

I took my father to the hospital about two days ago for him to have his left ear checked. Wow, I was surprised by the way some doctors practice pucntuality.

Of course not all doctors are coming in super late based on their schedule. Others have some valid reasons why they are coming in late while some are just very depressing knowing that they are health professionals for God's sake.

From now on, I will try to keep on blogging those doctors who are coming in very late. I'll just start with the Calamba Medical Center. I am aware that UST and PGH also have this punctuality problem and I will not hesitate to blog them here...

1. Dr. Rhodora Ocampo, M.D., FPSO-HNS (ENT) Rm. no. 3109 Calamba Medical Center. Arrived 1hour late based on her schedule on 27 March 2006, making 30 patients in agony.
2. Dr. Cynthia Talla, M.D., FPCP-FPCCP (Pulmonologist) Rm no. 3111 Calamba Medical Center. Scheduled to arrive at 2 hours late from home on 27 March 2006. One patient told me that she is always coming in late!!! And take note!!! Her patients are expecting her coming in late!!!

I don't want to ruin their reputations as doctors. I just want to let the world know that these doctors have punctuality issues and sick people don't deserve such attitude. It's disgusting.

I will also have to post here model Doctors (in my point of view) in the aspect of punctuality and personal touch.
1. Dr. Rosita Pardillo, M.D. OB-Gyne Chinese Medical Center. She is our OB-Gyne for two (2) years now and the only thing for her to late for her clinic duties is when she in the delivery room.

I also would like to call on our legislators to find a way to make a law out of this for Health Professionals. Calling on Dr. Flavier and I hope this blog comes to his computer someday.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Janitor Fish

Nabasa ko ang isang artikulo sa website ng ABS-CBN kanina lamang tungkol sa Janitor Fish at ang pinsala na dala nito sa Laguna de Bay at Marikina River...

Di ko alam kung ano nangyari at biglang dumami ang Janitor fish sa Laguna at Marikina na dati namang wala. Di ko din alam kung bakit napunta ang mga isdang yan sa mga ilog natin...

Mapanira daw ito. Salot sa mga mangingisda. Lalong kumukonti ang mga nahuhuling tilapia dahil sa isdang yan. Kumukonti din ang kita ng mga mangingisda. Ayun, tayo naman ang nagdurusa sa pamahal nang pamahal naman ang isang kilo ng mga 'to. Kahapon lang nagulat na lang ako na ang isang kilo pala ng tilapia ay umabot na sa P100.00 dito sa Laguna. Ang bangus P120.00 na. Nung isang buwan, P80.00 pa lang yun.

(Wala palang silbi ang pagtaas ng piso laban sa dolyar... at kung bakit kailangan ipagmalaki ng administrasyong Arroyo ito...)

Napaisip tuloy ako. Kaparehas pala ng Janitor Fish ang mga pulitiko sa Pinas. Oo, parehong pareho.

1a. Kailangan ang pulitiko para patakbuhin ang isang sistema para mapanatili ang kaayusan ng isang bayan.

1b. Kailangan ang janitor fish upang mapanatiling malinis ang isang aquarium.

2a. Mapinsala ang maga pulitiko sa lipunan kung mapapabayaan ang mga 'tong manghothut sa kaban ng bayan.

2b. Mapaminsala ang mga janitor fish kung mapapabayaang dumami sa mga ilog at lawa na dati'y wala ang mga ito.

3a. Gusto ng mga tao na mapatalsik sa tungkulin ang mga pulitikong salot sa lipunan.

3b. Gusto ng mga mangingisda na pagpapatayin ang mga janitor fish na nagdudulot ng salot sa kanilang kabuhayan.

4a. Ang pulitiko makapal ang mukha. Di maiihambing sa isang maskara.

4b. Ang janitor fish makapal ang balat. Pwedeng gawing wallet.

5a. Ang pulitiko nagmamalinis.

5b. Ang janitor fish naglilinis.

6a. Ang pulitiko kapit tuko sa pwesto. Kahit anong gawin mong pagpapatalsik.

7a. Ganun din ang janitor fish. Kahit anong gagawin mo, dadami at dadami ang mga ito.

8a. Ang mga tao nag aaklas laban sa mga pulitiko.

8b. Ang mga mangingisda nag aaklas laban sa mga janitor fish.

Iilan lang ang mga yan sa mga naiisip ko. Magkakulay silang pareho.

Wish ko...

Gaya ng mga mangingisda na naapektohan sa salot na dulot ng janitor fish... Sana, mapatay lahat ng mga pulitikong nagdudulot ng salot sa ating lipunan.

Posible? Posible....

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Laking probinsya ako kung san ang segbin, duwende, agta, at kung anu-ano pa ay pinapaniwalaan pa din hanggang sa ngayon. Ewan ko ba kung sino ang may pakana ng lahat nang ito at di ko din alam kung ano nasa utak nya nung inembento nya mga bagay na yun.

Isang bagay lang ang nakikitaan ko na may sense (?).

May isang building dun sa skul namin sa mindanao na may mga statwang duwende. Madami yun. Nagkalat sa isang banda. Sabi ng gwardya dun, pag gabi daw gumagalaw daw yung mga yun at paglalaruan daw kaming mga bata kung di kami uuwi sa min ng maaga. Syempre, naniniwala naman kami at isa din ako sa mga nagkakalat ng mga inembento (kong) kwento tungkol sa mga duwende sa skul.

Nagpakita sa kin ang mga duwende bago ako lumabas sa skul. Pinaligiran nila ako. Naglalaro sila. Pinaglalaruan nila ako. Lahat sila tumatawa at ang saya saya nila. Ayaw nila akong pauwiin... at kung bakit ko naimbento ang kwentong ito, di ko na maalala...

Nung grade six ako, tinanong ko minsan sa titser ko kung bakit may mga statuwa ng duwende sa building na yun. Sabi nya, swerte daw. Swerte daw pag may duwende sa paligid. Hindi daw maghihirap ang mga tao kung meron duwende sa bakod ng bahay nila. Gusto ko maniwala at muntik na din ako maniwala nun at sinabi ko yun sa nanay ko pag-uwi ko sa bahay. Syempre di naniniwala nanay ko sa kwento ko at imbento ko lang naman daw yun.

Marami nagsasabi na swerte nga kung may duwende sa bakuran mo lalo na daw kung nasa loob ng bahay mo. Siguro nga....

Pero, bakit yung mga kapitbahay namin dun sa Bohol? May mga duwende sa bakuran nila. Karamihan sa kanila mahirap pa rin... Kung totoo yun, e di sana lahat ng may mga duwende mayayaman... At kung baket karamihan ng mga pinoy ay naniniwala sa mga ganyan? Karamihan naman ay hindi nakakatulong sa pag-angat ng ating ekonomiya.

At kung bakit sa labas ng simbahan ng Quiapo may nagtitinda ng mga anting anting at nagkalat ang mga manghuhula? At kung bakit pinapahintulutan ng simbahan ang mga ganito?

At kung bakit maraming anyo si Sto. Nino sa ating bansa? May niniong gala, may niniong pulis at nakasaludo pa... at di ko na maalalang mga anyo ng ninio...

At kung bakit ang kasalan may nagsisipaan sa seremonya. Totoo to, naging sakristan ako nun. Para daw di ma-ander ang isa sa kanila. Makes sense.


Kahapon, may natanggap akong text...
'Sbi nLa swete at maAyos dw ang buhay pg my duwende sa bhay...
e, bkt sa malacanang,my duwende ng nakatira..
pRo hirap p rin ang pilipinas?'

Oo nga. Bakit nga kaya?