Sunday, November 19, 2006

A week that was...

Sunday was the usual long travel day for me from Manila to Clark to KLIA to Melaka… just a 13-hour trip. How I wish Cebu Pacific starts its operations here too soon… But hey, starting December, 5J will start flying from KLIA direct to NAIA. That would be easier and less stressful. Can’t wait!

Monday, 13November.
Nothing much happened. Had our sales meeting, we call it international sales meeting hahaha!!! An Indian, a Thai, a Japanese, a couple of Malaysians and of course me, Pinoy. It was a good meeting. Lots of thinking and strategies to consider. Well, we guys hoped that all these will be taken into a reality.

Tuesday, 14November.
We set off for Perak, North of Malaysia to meet a supplier. We were supposed to go Penang but we had to rush bak to Melaka due to an incident in the factory. Wow man, the place is cool. A 200km stretch of forest cover from KL to Perak. Nature at its best, guys! Two waterfalls down the stretch, caves, hills, forest, marble quarries. I was really disappointed of myself not bringing my camera. But anyway, I had my camera phone with me but it would have been better if I bring the better one. It's a lesson for me. I should have thought of being an accidental tourist that day.
At the end of the day, I was totally drained from traveling almost 18 hours. But I had fun. With much optimism also with this potential supplier. Hope things gets better though.

Wednesday, 15November
Nothing much happenings in the office but all about yesterday’s incident was the talk of the town. Sorry guys, I can’t talk about it for now. I think it’s too complicated…
When I came back to my flat, damn! I can’t use my shower room!

Thursday, 16November
Seellan brought me to Shin Etsu in Shah Alam. Good experience for me in a way. I went inside a Silicon Wafer processing plant for the first time. It was cool… Oh, how I missed working inside… L

Back in the office at around 5:00 in the afternoon and I saw him and my boss arguing about something. Hahaha! What a day. I’m with you, Seellan . Just don’t be too wrecked out about it.

I came back to my flat just to find out that the house cleaner didn’t return the key to the warden. It was raining that night. Dr. Panchal called me and invited me to his house for dinner. Thanks goodness… I just love Indian food. This time, his wife cooked something like a hotcake made from rice flour, potato “cake”, and “Kuri”, a sauce made of yogurt with flour and spices. Really nice.

Friday, 17November
My goodness, they were arguing again. Jeez… Fortunately, my boss left for a business trip and the office was silent again.

Then suddenly, Seellan asked me if I know how to blog…. Great!!! “Ok, man. Settle down. We have a lot of time this afternoon but promise me, don’t ever blog about boss otherwise we’ll be in a hot pan..” It was a simple piece of advise from me.

Voila! He’s a new blogger… Well, it’s Ate Melai's legacy to share. I just saw Seellan's face transformed from an angry son of a bitch to a happy and excited Indian!!! Hahahaha!!! Shit! I can see Dominic a future blogger next week. I hope boss doesn’t catch up with us.

Saturday, 18November
We were transformed from being office guys to movers for about 3 hours. But there was no way we’re going to wear a tie…

Later, boss told me to postpone our travel to Vietnam on the 27th and that I might as well got to Singapore with Dominic. Damn, I already had an appointment with these Viets… but it’s ok. I was able to change the sched though. Thanks for my wits! Hahaha!!!

It was sad. I won’t be able to come back to Philippines next week… I missed my kids, I missed Ella…. But the heck, it’s the price to pay for working abroad….

And suddenly I got pay-per-view of the Grand Finale!!! Our HR manager is just too kind to give me a break, hahaha!!! Thanks, Mr. Shahrudin. This is surely a blast! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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