Sunday, December 24, 2006

Incredibly not credible

The other night, justice secretary Gonzales was complaining about Smith's continued stay at the Makati City Jail citing that the Philippines has lost its credibility in the face of the international community.

He also blamed (and sarcastically thanked) Judge Gozon for the US' decision to withdraw VFA with the AFP and the US humanitarian mission in the Bicol region. He cited a ceratin provision of the treary that makes Smith under the custody of the US Embassy.

Hell no! Why should the Governement sign a treaty that is basically unfair to civilians anyway? I am not sure if the treaty says so in the event our own soldier is condemned by a US court. However, whether or not we are intitled to the same provision as the US soldiers would, it is for the fact that the US soldiers are basically notorious in such crimes all over the world. This may be one reason why they posted such provision in the treaty "to protect its soldiers..."
What about the protection of the civilians? What about the protection of the very people that the government should protect?

What if one of secretary Gonzales' relatives is being raped by an american soldier? Would he still be singing such "thankful" tune?

The fear of the US leaving the Philippines is generally the signal that the government is sending to its constituents and I am not sure the real reason for that. And may I ask, why are some countries excel without US indirect intervention? Mind if I may ask, Mr. secretary?

My mother would always tell me before that dependence is almost identical as cruelty to oneself. "You will never learn..." That is one of the best lessons I learned from her.

And until we keep on making excuses to the US on the way we practice our own Justice system here, we will never learn. Until we keep on seeling our own countrymen to the benefit of the US, we will never learn. Until we keep on bowing our heads to the US so that we look like crap in the face of the international community, we will never learn. NEVER!

But I may say so, Mr. Secretary. Isn't your boss lost its credibility to the Filipino people? And so are you.

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