Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The day Melenyo visited us...

It was a day of (w)reckoning...
I lost track of my LPG consumption and finally it was fully depleted the day Melenyo struck Laguna. Just as I thought the storm was over at around 11am and the sun was slightly shining, my wife had to hurry me up to go to an LPG shop. So I went outside and I didn't realized that the storm wasn't over yet. 20 mins later... I found out that Melenyo's eye just passed and the worst was yet to come. First I stayed at our village's guard house for shelter but later, I found myself braving Melenyo's winds going back to my place... of course without the LPG.
Then my internet wireless antenna was down...
Super hungry, my wife revolutionized cooking noodles... bwahahahahahaha!!! She opened 2 packs of instant noodles and had it "boiled" to a fucking cold water. She said that the noodles will basically expand and soften (or cooked daw) when soaked wet.... and after 10 thrilling moments... voila! Like magic, it worked... Marami pala talaga maiisip pag gutom. But the thing was, she just tasted the noodles and had our househelp eat the rest... hahahaha!!!
After the storm, my wife had another idea... "call a friend..." So did I called a neighbor who happens to have a car. Pareng Rey came to the rescue! So we took off to the LPG shop. Of course, in the buy list were some junks (as in chips and boy bawang), a couple of 1.5 liter sodas and a pack loaf bread. On our way back, we had to pass through a detour because of the flood and suddenly... pareng rey's car stopped. Pucha!!! It just stopped!!! Nandamay pa ako sa kamalasan ko!!! Fortunately, the car re-started and we hurried back our place. Whew!!!
We have LPG!!! We have LPG!!! My wife can now cook noodles in a conventional way!!!
Hours later, my phone went dead. Then my wife's phone. Without electricity, we became "deaf and mute..."
That night, my wife couldn't sleep. She just stayed awake the whole night trying to make my kids comfortable as possible. We can't find her hand fan, so we had to use some cardboards as fan. At first, I tried to vigil with her and then later she was alone.... the next morning, it was my turn... (actually, nahiya na lang ako kaya ako nagising...)
The following day, our househelp told me... "kuya, wala nang tubig sa gripo..." Pucha!!! What's worst than that?
My wife and I just shrugged it off and laughed at our inexperience. Walang kuryente, walang internet, naubusan ng LPG, nagluto si ella ng noodles sa malamig na tubig, nandamay ng kapitbahay, nagvigil ako ng 30 minutes at si ella magdamag, at naubusan ng tubig kinabukasan... it was an experience of the inexperienced. We learned a lot of Melenyo. With a little bit of boy bawang and some chips, we were comforted after all.
The next time, we will be ready...

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