Friday, November 10, 2006

A hesitant heart

Wednesday, about 2 weeks ago, Ella confided with me about her conversation with her boss that day. It was about her being appointed as an OIC Chief of one of the divisions of the agency. In one way, she was quite hesitant to accept the offer because of the fact that there are other seniors at her level who could definitely do the job and that definitely she'll probably be able to demoralize some of her colleagues (the seniority thing which is now a mere backward thinking for me...).

Second, she was hesitant because she is too young to accept the offer. Then, she thinks she is not yet ready to do the job and that other seniors can do better. But on the other hand, she was glad that day knowing that her boss has the trust on her all the while.

"That's the point!"

Anyway, I told her that these days, though still considered, seniority is no longer at the top of the list of corporate mindset in terms of human resource and she and all her other collegues should understand that. Then most of the time, the boss sees more of her than herself and that may be one of the reasons why she picked her despite having other seniors to look into. And of course, she can't question her boss' decision in one way or the other. She can ask all the 'whys' and 'what ifs' but if she's rejecting the offer, it may be sending a wrong signal to her superiors; that she is weak! And only a few people have that opportunity and she should be lucky to be one of the few...

I suggested to accept the offer. Though it is not promotion, it is an opportunity for her to do more and better out of her job. "Don't mind the rumors! It is normal in corporate environment. It will subside in a few weeks. Just do what you are suppose to do!" I insisted. Afterall, it is for her to prove the rumors wrong.

The papers were signed last Wednesday. There were well wishers, there were sourgrapers. Some minds congratulated her, some minds were not so welcoming. Some are happy for her, others could be mad. Some smiled, some frowned.

I told her... "Hon, it is not your fault, could be theirs... congrats!"

Then the hesitant smiles...


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jaleesa said...

good to know your wife accepted the offer. hindi nawawala ang "nagtataas ng kilay" sa trabaho. meron niyan bawat company.

at least pampadagdag sa skills/knowledge ng wife mo yun bagong position niya. congratz!!!

Jay Lagat said...

jaleesa, thanks! oo nga... i'm just happy for her with the decision... kahit papano, she made a step forward for her career.

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