Friday, December 08, 2006

A congress of clowns

Now I understand more about Philippine democracy. It's all about numbers and just numbers. And with the majority of freaks and buttheads, Philippine democracy is sickening. It sucks!

Speaker De Venecia was in defensive mode after the midnight madness. What he was saying that this is democracy all about. They had debated on this, matindi daw. The minority were heard. The majority had it. So what's the problem daw. The rift between the senate and the President, gusto daw natin maalis yun. Mga kudeta daw dapat mawala na. Fine, Mr. Speaker! Fine!

The proceeding was a classic example on what garapalan really means. The lower house shutting down the senate, in which I understand and as I was always taught in college, is part of the congress. Ginawang parang Bibliya ang constitution na kung sino ang babasa e iba ang interpretasyon.

What's more sickening was that the lower house seemed like house of clowns.

Salapudin looks like one and Jaraula? I am so ashamed that I am from Cagayan de Oro. And how the hell was he elected anyway???

Clowns! Jerks!

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