Thursday, December 21, 2006

On power and responsibility

I was watching the Spider-Man sequel in the bus on my way to Manila from Clark yesterday. I haven't watched the second sequel so I didn't sleep. At the end of the first sequel, these words strucked me...

"With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift. This is my curse. Who am I?..."

No, I wasn't thinking of being powerful because I am not. Neither that I am a superhero or something. Neither that I hold great power nor have control over certain things. I wasn't thinking about being gifted because I am just as normal as the most of us.

I was just thinking about the current Philippine political scene. Of the so-called leaders who's obsession with power is unsurmountable. Like vampires obsessed with blood.

I am just concerned as most of us Filipinos out there. I have kids and they still innocent. I am concerned that someday if not soon, there will be nothing left in this country for them to live and fight for. Just nothing.


It's just that Philippine political system is just super conjusive to something that shouldn't be the norm in a civilized society; corruption.... and it seems to be a norm now.

It's just that the system is simply telling us that it is okay to lie and turn around and lie again... and it's getting to the point that it is a norm. The system is simply telling us that it is okay to trick the minds of the Filipinos and then try another trickshot if it's not working until the 'power of the sun' is in the hands of the 'powerful' and stay as long as they wish in power.

It's just that the system is simply making these politicians to be hungrier and hungrier of power until they become bloated and smelly. That it is okay to think and live like leeches, sucking all bloods and nutrients of the host.

It's just that the system is telling us that it is okay to go to Church, pray earnestly, and corrupt the people's wealth later.... and pray again for forgiveness and suck again.

Unlike Spider-Man, a politician's power doens't come from any spiders or bugs, nor from any form of ghosts, and spirits. These powers were provided by the very people who voted for them, to serve. A congressman doesn't even have the right to shout at the gallery telling the people they are just guests...

Unlike Spider-Man, a politician's power isn't even a gift. It is a previledge provided for them by the people who voted for them. They can't even boast that they have it. Like the way Rep. Prospero Nogarales did, singing his tune on cha-cha on news cameras.

Like Spider-man, they should be thinking like the way crawler thinks. Thinking about how grateful he is to have the gift and all the power it can due him. But on the other hand, he is thinking about the curse that the power could bring him.

But it's not the way it is. Unlike Spider-man, their heads are like empty coconuts.

And who are they? They are suckers!

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