Monday, July 10, 2006

Cheaper Air Travel

I'll be flying to Malaysia tomorrow and it would be the third time that I take on Air Asia after our company decided to cut down costs. It really make sense though.

Malaysia Airlines could cost you around 30kpesos on a round trip ticket. On the other hand, flying with Air Asia could only cost you around 8kpesos on a round trip ticket.
How was that?

We were interviewing one of the ground staffs of Air Asia at Clark last June about this. She said that Low Cost Carriers like Air Asia will only charge you for the your seat, insurance and fuel surcharges whereas with the Full Service Carriers like PAL, MAS, they charge you with loads of stuffs.

That much? Yes, that much. That includes insurance, fuel surcharge, foods, in-flight entertainment, hotel costs and food costs in case the flight is delayed (wow!), and lots more.
Looks like flying with LCCs makes a lot of sense. Though you have to pay for the food in-flight, you can still save a lot more!

There are some inconveniences though. Delayed flights, horrible shakings in air turbulences, and small legroom.

But the heck, I'm still in one piece!