Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Doctors with Punctuality Issues

I took my father to the hospital about two days ago for him to have his left ear checked. Wow, I was surprised by the way some doctors practice pucntuality.

Of course not all doctors are coming in super late based on their schedule. Others have some valid reasons why they are coming in late while some are just very depressing knowing that they are health professionals for God's sake.

From now on, I will try to keep on blogging those doctors who are coming in very late. I'll just start with the Calamba Medical Center. I am aware that UST and PGH also have this punctuality problem and I will not hesitate to blog them here...

1. Dr. Rhodora Ocampo, M.D., FPSO-HNS (ENT) Rm. no. 3109 Calamba Medical Center. Arrived 1hour late based on her schedule on 27 March 2006, making 30 patients in agony.
2. Dr. Cynthia Talla, M.D., FPCP-FPCCP (Pulmonologist) Rm no. 3111 Calamba Medical Center. Scheduled to arrive at 2 hours late from home on 27 March 2006. One patient told me that she is always coming in late!!! And take note!!! Her patients are expecting her coming in late!!!

I don't want to ruin their reputations as doctors. I just want to let the world know that these doctors have punctuality issues and sick people don't deserve such attitude. It's disgusting.

I will also have to post here model Doctors (in my point of view) in the aspect of punctuality and personal touch.
1. Dr. Rosita Pardillo, M.D. OB-Gyne Chinese Medical Center. She is our OB-Gyne for two (2) years now and the only thing for her to late for her clinic duties is when she in the delivery room.

I also would like to call on our legislators to find a way to make a law out of this for Health Professionals. Calling on Dr. Flavier and I hope this blog comes to his computer someday.


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