Monday, September 18, 2006

Bayan, ano pa ang mangyayari sa yo?

Vietnam ranked 4th among the most competitive economies among the ASEAN replacing the Philippines, according to a survey conducted by the Singaporean Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)… I just browsed this one this morning as I was researching on the some Vietnamese companies.
3Million jobless pinoys. Mike Arroyo filed libel cases against 42 journalists.

What do I expect from here?

  • Cambodia ranks 5th among ASEAN economies replacing the Philippines by 2008. I have no data for this but it is very possible, I believe. Knowing the capability of our political system to self-destruct.
  • At the rate of increase of unemployment per year, there will be close to 5M unemployed filipinos by 2010. Since 2001, GMA has been talking about reforms but these reforms were not effective (if there are any) to correct this problem. In 2004, she talks about 10M more jobs to be generated by 2010. I don't think so. She is way reaching beyond the stars just looking for the moon.
  • Philippines will be one of the "Moguls" of corrupt countries. In 2004, Philippines is with the "Matriarchs and Clans" alongside Russia and Mexico according the World Bank Anti-Curroption book reports. Hmmm… So we're like the higlanders now, huh? Immortal corrupt… Baka ma libel ako neto…
  • and… by 2010, Mike Arroyo will file libel suits to 6M Filipinos… including bloggers…

What's worst than that?

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