Saturday, November 04, 2006

Accidental tourist

It was the first time, for almost a year of travelling to Malaysia, that I was able to roam through the trails of Historic Malacca one hot Sunday, 22Oct2006. My brother-in-law asked me to buy for him a 100Gig external hard disc, which is way cheaper in Malaysia than in the Philippines.

So I took the chance and brought with me my camera... and now I'm sharing the pictures through this blog...

Above is the Maritime Museum of Malacca located along the Malacca River, which is the replica of the Purtugese ship called "Flora del Mar" which sank off the coast of Malacca on its way to Purtugal. I am not sure, however, if it is the old Malacca Harbor. I took the picture on top of the St. Paul's Hill where the old St. Paul's Church is located. Historically, the Purtugese were the first westerners to settle in Malaysia particularly in Malacca.

Entrance fee here is RM30.00 or around PhP400.00 and voila! You're inside a Purtugese Ship! Like all other museums, no picture taking is allowed inside. Sadly, I wasn't be able to go inside the ship... :(Opposite the Maritime Museum is the Old Purtugese Fortress. This is famously called as "A' Famosa". This was once a symbol of Purtugese supremacy in the Straits of Malacca. A' Famosa was destroyed by the Dutch in 1641 after 130 years of Purtugese occupation of Malacca.

Behind A' Famosa is the St. Pauls hill where the famous St. Paul's Church is located. The famous Jesuit Saint, St. Francis Xavier, was interred here for 9 months in 1553 before his body was finally transferred permanently to Goa, India.

The church was built by the Purtugese and was later turned into a burial ground of the noble dutch such as the Harbor Masters. To this date, Tombstones are still left intact inside the church.

At the base of the St. Paul's hill is the Stadthuys, which was the seat of the Dutch government at Malacca built in 1650. Inside the Stadthuy's complex is the Christ Church built in 1753, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in Mallaca.

It took me almost an hour and a half following the trail but I ran out of excitement visiting other museums due to the heat that day adding up the haze caused by the Indonesian wild fires. I had a day though.

I never thought I'd be a tourist one time to the fact that I travel to Malaysia for work. But the heck, I realize that It's also a chance for me to be enjoy the places I going to...

Next stop... Vietnam!


melai said...

ei! danda ng mga shots mo ha!! pwede ka na rin palang photo blogger :)

Nostalgia Manila said...

Cool photos! Galing nito. Excellent work!

Would love to do a link exchange!

Keep up the good work!

--Nostalgia Manila

Jay Lagat said...

ate melai at nostalgia manila... di ko po alam kung tama ang angles ng mga kuhang to. salamat at nagustuhan nyo naman. ;)

jaleesa said...

i love photos! post more ha. mahilig akong magtravel. sana nga yun next na job ko ay ipadadala nila ako sa ibang bansa. i'm dreaming too much *hehehe*