Thursday, September 07, 2006

Simple pleasures

It's 3 in the morning when I heard Lela cried. It's the usual time for me or my wife to feed her. Since I am quite in control of my time at working hours, it's my task to feed her at dawn. Ella has to take a good rest after a long day at work and long commute. Though sometimes I complain to take a break… Ella will just tell me that she's been taking care of Lela since conception and it's about time for me to take care of her until her 9th month… How smart (hahaha!). I know it's a joke! What else can I do???

Like most dads, I am always amazed about taking care of my daughter. I just thought that she's an angel. It's not that I am being unfair to my first born (Josh). Of course, I love him so much. But the thought of seeing her growing and learning new tricks makes me think that I am cool.
I remember going on her second month that she can't sleep that I had to cuddle her all night. The following night, I had to lie in bed with her in my arms. She slept. Then I realized later on that she just like to sleep that way. That was her first trick and she's still doing it sometimes.

Now, Lela learns to smile and a new trick brewing. Makes me wonder sometimes that she may have known we need her smiles after a long hard day specially with Ella. Adding up the joy that Josh is giving us despite his being terrible most of the time. Wow, it's heaven on earth, I tought. We can just stare at her smiling and all the troubles the day has brought seem to vanish…

I was awaken by her cries 3 o'clock this morning. At first I was pretending I didn't heard a thing and hoping that Ella will take her turns… But the usual happens. I took off and prepared her milk… Lela didn't want a feed. She just smiled like she's pretending that she didnt wake me up.
It was a trick of course… but these simple pleasures give us assurance that no matter how hard life is, everything will go out fine.
Thanks, Lela…

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