Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Medical malpractice, can you believe that???

"Wrong blood type kills woman, baby."

"Wrong injection kills 3-year old girl..."

Medical macpractice in hospitals... wtf!

I heard the good secretary of health this morning in a morning show saying "the baby is already in a severe condition, with sepsis..." What??? Wow, I just can't believe he said that kind of excuse! The fact of the matter is, the hospital staff used the wrong injection to the poor girl at hindi pinag-uusapan dito kung gaano kalala ang kondisyon ng pasyente.

The same with Ms. Victoria who was supposed to give birth died because of a wrong blood type given to her during the transfusion. Imagine, type B blood was used instead of type A??? She and the baby died!!!!

It is understandable that definitely these incidents were uncalled of. Nobody in the medical profession wants this to happen. However, these incidents should have been avoided if these guys are too careful in carrying out what they are supposed to do. Pucha, hindi kagaya ng mekaniko ang pagkadoktor o pagka nurse na pwedeng palitan ng hex screw ang phillips screw!!! Buhay ang nakataya dito. They have no choice but to be careful in what they are supposed to do.

Come on, Doc. Secretary, please don't say that excuse naman. Please...

Calling on the Philippine legislators... yung Patient's Rights Bill po baka pwedeng basahin na jan sa congreso at ipasa na. Wag na po natin hintayin na ang isang kamag-anak ng congressman o senador na makaranas ng ganito, at magmamadali nang ipasa ang bill para makabawi sa nagkamali. Ganyan naman dito sa Pinas, di ba? Kung hindi maapektuhan ang mambabatas, ok lang.

One example, Dr. Loi Ejercito authored a bill in the senate to release more funds for dengue researh after one of her grandchildren (or great grandchildren) was infected with the terrible desease. I'm not bluffing, this was in the news about 2-3 months ago...

Classic example, Sen. Revilla (Sr) filed a bill to revise the family code so that the illigitimate children can use the father's surname... I just can't remember what incident triggered him that time but it was in the news about 6 years ago... to protect his other children...

Nakupo, yung nursing exam contreversy pala... what more can I say??? Well, the review centers are now monitored... duh!

2006 budget for health pala ay 0.25 cents per filipino according dun sa dokyu ng Probe ata yun o yung sa i-witness early this year. Biogesic costs 5.00 pesos a piece. Could you belive that???

I'm not saying that because of all this medical malpractice issues, we don't want to trust the doctors of these hospitals. In fact, in engineering terms, it's only a 'spike' in the data and is negligible. But medical profession can't simply accept spikes as part of their profession. Spikes like this can lead to death!!!

No excuse or whatever!


Anygmalhys said...

Hi jay... it seems na "sepsis" ngayon ang in na disease para gawing escape goat kapag may medical practice.. I heard the same news kanina! Kaya we need to be more selective of the hospitals we will subject ourselves to when the need arise, kasi kung aantayin pa natin ang gobyerno.. most likely medyo matatagalan pa yon... dahil hindi lang sa they can afford to pay for the best service but mostly they are hard to kill..."masasamang damo"!.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jay!, I've been a medical malpractice victim and had to accept doctor's offer of paying almost 1M hospital bill because of negligence. In-accept na lang namin due to financial difficulties and for my final operation. I really hate doctors, they hide each other's mistake.

doshimaitri said...

Medical accidents, or malpractice, happen when the doctor or surgeon fails to perform the procedure with a standard of care expected in the profession. If you believe that you have been a victim of clinical negligence, it is important for you to understand what help is available and what course of action you should be taking. Clinical negligence is where an injury has been caused by a doctor or other medical professional's mistake during the course of treatment. because of the complexities and financial element of medical negligence compensation claims,many cases are rejected by law firms due to the fact that the evidence of medical negligence is not sufficient enough to take any further action.

medical malpractice said...

Malpractice ought to indeed be fixed, but not with caps. we ought to replace the 12-man jury of emotional idiots with a three-judge panel of specialists. Then the process will be fair to both sides.

But overall, even today, medmal costs represent less than 1/2 of 1% of total healthcare costs, but the physician ordering of tests to cover their ass raise it to about 5%of the total. & those costs rise with medical inflation.