Monday, September 11, 2006


After a couple of attempts to have our own homeowners' association and failed, we now have at least a budding organization. It may not be as perfect as the homeowners wanted to become… at least things are now moving. What fuels the movement??? Just a retired 72-year old lady with extra-ordinary leadership skills. Perhaps maybe she just want things to be organized and adding up her past experience.

One will be ashamed thinking that I was one of those people who helped organized but failed. I thought that organizing is not my forte, and I was impatient, that I had to give up. I failed.
I am not really sure if it is really in the Filipino's heart to pull down a fellow when things are in shape. Or is it a cultural flaw? I just don't understand. I am almost always annoyed with all those Fil-foreigners throwing bad comments/blogs about this very country that molds me. I thought that these guys doesn't have the right to comment as they are no longer "pinoys" as they used to be. But on the other hand, I find these comments full of damn truth. What else can I do but shamefully shrug…

One classic example. A group of guys wanted to derail the progress of our budding community. They all have these ideas on how to make our community flourish and progressive. They wanted to speak a lot on meetings, just wanting that their voince is heard and considered. Not only that, it seems that they only want their voice to be heard. If somebody airs an idea opposing theirs, they will call it being "disrespectful." Wow, is it normal to all cultures or exclusive to our culture only?

Looking back on the previous attempts, these guys are one of the firsts to fail. If their ideas and "stragedies" are effective, where were the results? Were there any valid progress at all? Were things organized during their failed attempts? These guys just want to fuck someone else's ass then leave. Shockingly, they also make up some tales then would just deny it or "edit" all the stories to their fucking perfection.

Things are moving quite well under Mommy's leadership. For the first time in almost three years that we see some movements. It's nice to know that there is an opposition. I believe it is healthy. But seeing all these makes one to be annoyed. What the fuck are they doing??? I myself tried before but fail and I can't just help but ashmed to the fact that this retired lady who is supposed to enjoy her retirement does something for us and doing really well… We didn't have the milestones that her leadership has now!!!

This may explain the ugliness of our political system. I thought that these politicians started it all but now I realized that it started from the bottom up.

Mommy would say to me, "Jay, this is a fucking cruel world…" and I would tell her back… " Mommy, nasa Pilipinas tayo…" Then we are cool.

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