Monday, November 20, 2006

Great day for World Boxing!

I was excited today. Woke up at 7am, had a hot shower and took off to 7-eleven to buy a loaf of classic gardenia.

Ella called me just want to ask when the boxing starts… like all other pinoys out there, she’s excited. I just can’t imagine how peaceful the Philippines is right now. I hope nobody dies of heart attack today when Pacquiao fights. Lol!

Viloria technically lost the fight although it was a majority draw. He fought quite well as far as I am concerned. He just lacks the follow-ups especially when he downed Nino on the 9th. I don’t call 5th a knockdown. The last round was supposedly his last chance but he didn’t do it well. But he fought better than the last time they met last August and faster, too.

But that is boxing. Somebody has to lose. Unfortunately, it has to be Viloria and Erik.
Manny is just too good for Erik today. I feel sad in a way because I am fan of Erik as well. He was a great fighter and it saddened me that he has to go this way. I thought he doesn’t have to end his boxing carrier like that. He’s this guy who outboxes all his opponents and now he was downed 3 times.
“I think it's time to go home now and forget all this…” Erik Morales

PacMan is just too good of a boxer today! Not only that, Manny has just lifted our spirits today and nobody can take that away from a nation looking for a lift right now. I never saw PacMan fight that fast before, even in their second meeting last January or even with Barrera about 3 years ago.
Kudos to PacMan. All the best! Mabuhay ka, Manny… You gave us a hell of three rounds! Thanks man!

Who’s next? Hmmmm… Barrera, Marquez… line ‘em up!

Thank you Astro for the opportunity to watch PacMan boxed El Terrible live… I just hope that someday Dream TV will wake up and make some noise in the Philippines like you do here in Malaysia.

But wait!!! I just can’t believe Chavit Singson was there inside the ring, waving his hands with the mighty PacMan like he just won the presidency. Shit! That sucks!!!

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