Monday, March 02, 2009

Bohol politics... full of crabs

I am a boholano... This article posted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and this story makes me sick big time! No wonder Bohol is one of the most Backward Province of the Philippines. The governor is one of the most backward Boholano ever!

Boom Boom's village loses road project after boxer's loss
By Jhunnex NapallacanVisayas BureauFirst Posted 07:06pm (Mla time) 08/12/2007Filed Under: Boxing, Regional authorities

CEBU CITY -- The shocking defeat of Rey "Boom-boom" Bautista by Mexico's Daniel Ponce de Leon did not only sadden his fellow Boholanos. It also cost his village a cemented road.
A dismayed Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado said that the plan to cement the provincial road going to Barangay Can-uling, Bautista's home village in the town of Candijay, would not push through -- for now.

Aumentado admitted that before the fight, he promised the young Boholano boxer that the road would be cemented but only if he won.

In fact, Aumentado said, he had ordered the provincial engineering office to draw up a work program for the project that would run for least a kilometer and would cost P7 million.
But since Bautista lost the fight, and was, in fact, the only loser among six Filipino boxers in the World Cup against Mexico, there would be no cemented road leading to Boom-boom's village.
For now, at least, the governor said.

He said he would push through with the cementing project if Bautista would become a champion in the future.

"If Boom-boom becomes a champion, I will fulfill my commitment that I will have the road passing through his barangay in Can-uling cemented. Right now, it's a no go," Aumentado said.
"Maybe later… Let's wait for the time when he becomes champion. And I am hopeful that he still has a bright future in boxing," the governor said in Cebuano in a telephone interview.
Aumentado, who watched the fight on television, said he was dismayed that Bautista did not even last the first round.

But he said he shared the view of many Boholanos and others that at 21 years old, Bautista still had many more opportunities to recover from this defeat and become a champion.
Aumentado said even ring icon Manny Pacquiao suffered defeats before he achieved fame.
He said Bautista’s lack of experience could be a factor in his defeat.

Still, Boholanos were happy because another Boholano, AJ "Bazooka" Banal, won, he said.
But Aumentado was miffed by the error of the boxing announcer who said that Banal came from "Cebu, Philippines" when he hailed from Corilla, Bohol.

Aumentado said Banal would receive a reward on his return. He said that Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim personally went to Sacramento in the United States to support the Boholano boxers.
In Iloilo City, Ilonggos glued to television and radio sets rejoiced at the near-sweep of Filipino boxers over their Mexican opponents.

"I was disappointed that Boom Boom lost ... but I'm still happy that we got the World Cup title," said Saldy Tabanda, 32, a layout artist.

Iloilo-based international boxing referee Alex Vidal said the 5-1 win of the Filipino boxers showed that "we should not focus all our attention on Manny Pacquiao."
"If all poor athletes are given the same opportunity, they can also give glory to the country," said Vidal.

"Because of boxing, we are being noticed worldwide despite all the bad news in the country. We can win our first Olympic gold medal if we focus on and pour our funds in boxing," he said.
Vidal said the Filipino boxers were considered underdogs before they went into the ring against their Mexican opponents.

"Gerry's win was really dramatic. Imagine, a 35-year-old becoming world champion again," said Vidal.

The fight for PeƱalosa was his last shot at keeping up his career, added Bacolod City Rep. Monico Puentevella.