Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An OFW journey ends here

All things are coming to an end. And more things are coming for a brand new start.

After flying more than 70,000 miles and 21 months of beng an OFW here in Malaysia, I decided to leave and go back home to be with my family full time in Manila. I just realized that though money is an important aspect of my family's survival, being away from my wife and kids is taking its toll. So before anything else comes to worst, I am going back to my 'Kampung.'

To my colleagues in Maruwa Malaysia, thank you for the good times (and for the not so very good times) and may we still be in touch with each other despite the distance. You guys are just wonderful.

So long, amigos! Terima Kasih untuk persehabatan diantara kita duwa-puluh satu bulan.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Lela's latest picture at 13 months old... Ella took this the day I left for Malaysia on 22nd July.

Prison Zombies

After more than 3.7 million views on YouTube, this video is one of the hottest in the web. I never thought this is possible especially in prisons. Hats of to Mr. Byron Garcia. You're damn good, sir.

Hmmm... can we do it at the Philippine Congress and Senate as well? They surely need some show of discipline like this... Both houses of congress are thought to be a haven of thieves anyway... Might be a good idea.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Meet Ridgy Vicars

I saw her surrounded by people who were listening to her story... Though quite a common sight for me, the stories of these individuals almost always struck me. Hookers raided and sent back to Manila or a Mom desperately rushed back home to see an ailling child or a maid maltreated and escaped with nothing but a prayer.

I am an OFW and whatever that means is to other people, I am sick and tired of being one. Although the pay is more than the usual in Manila, the price I pay for being away from my family for a period of time is a punishment. The only thing that keeps me going is my family.

And for other OFWs, it is crossing a very thin line between survival and death.

I queued last as passengers of Air Asia AK32 rushed to catch a good seat. I just thought to myself that I am guaranteed a seat anyway so why the rush? I didn't mind. Then I noticed some people asked a sobbing lady some questions... like 'What happened to you?' 'Have you reported this to our embassy?' 'Did you enter Malaysia legally?' 'Are you registered with the POEA?'

I asked her, as if I knew her or maybe I am just gossiper or whatever itching for some news. She answered she was not registered with the POEA and OWWA but she entered Malaysia legally complete with papers. I just told her, whatever it is, she is not protected by these agencies (and at the back of my mind, are these agencies really would protect me just in case???)

She sat by the window and I was by the aisle... and she has a story to tell...

On September last year, a friend named Ivy enticed her to work in Malaysia. The job, she said, was being a personal assistant of a businessman. For wanting to go abroad, she convinced her husband to take the opportunity. She will be leaving her four kids and a part-time buy and sell business, a good life... just for a RM500.00 monthly salary (about PhP 7,000.00) and the promise of travel.

Her husband financed her processing fee of PhP 20,000.00 from their savings. These were paid to Ivy with mock reciepts signed by Ivy's mother within three weeks of October last year. Within days, the plane ticket came and an invitation from her employer duly certified by the Malaysian authorities. Although, she had doubts on the transactions, she was confident because Ivy is a family friend and they have known her for a long time.

On 30 November 2006, Clark immigration officers tried to stop her fro boarding the plane for the reason that she was not a registered OFW with the POEA and OWWA but she insisted and paid the immigration officers PhP 5,000.00 just to make her through the immigration gate. I didn't surprised me though. In this part of the world, one has to be crooked and the other has to be a fool to live a life. Of course, these immigration officers will not admit that they were paid... who would?

In Malaysia, she was locked-up for seven months. She would tend to their employer's kids, clean the house, feed on some left over foods, seldom bath... and a prayer that someday she will get through all these misseries.

She would lose 20kilos. She would be standing by the window hoping that some neighbors will notice her. She would write a journal and then was later burned by her employer. She would be calling the Philippine Embassy in KL and there is no fucking human being that would answer the phone... She would write notes and throw at the window and hoping that somebody will pick it up and report to the authorities. She would stare at the photos of her family and cry all day.

Finally, one of the neighbors noticed it and called her husband in Manila. The husband, notified Ivy of her situation and would call the employer. Like a hostage, she would answer them favorable questions for her employer... and the situation would be harsher. Threatened her of rape and cut her hairs.

Lasf Friday, her employer decided to send her back to Manila. Nothing but only RM30.00 (around PhP 400.00)was given to her... not a salary. It can't even be called a fucking allowance.

On the plane, she would sob. I don't even know how to comfort her. She would pray and then sob. I bought her a meal and she told me that she is no longer used to eating. I just insisted and when she took the first bite, she was crying hard...

This is her story. I know there are countless more like her, even worst. No matter what the odds, most of us would just grab a promise of a better life abroad and for the family left here. And the country would just keep on sending it's flock abroad to survive. More will be blessed, and some will be doomed... Just for this country to survive.

There maybe some lawyers out there would want to help Ridgy, please. At least, take her life back...

Ridgy Vicars
#50 Ilang-Ilang St,
Pasong Putik, Novaliches,
Quezon City
+63916 6124373

Hopefully, no longer will a Filipino leave this country for a promise of a better life... Hopefully...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Wandering Mind

I just came back from the dead and I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I last blog…

Well, my mind was just wandering around lately. I don’t see myself in the future the way I plan to be… The heck. What else can I say ‘living’ in this fucked up place.

And now I am complaining! Damn!

But the hell, I was dreaming too despite the fact most of the time my mind was wandering around… and I guess it’s worth posting. Just to keep myself reminded in the future that there was one time in my life that I have dreamed so much…

My Oil Palm Dream…
My Oil Palm Dream…
My Oil Palm Dream…
My Oil Palm Dream…
My Oil Palm Dream…
My Oil Palm Dream…

I called an old friend last March. Just wanting to wish him luck on his birthday… Then he told me… “Bro, magtanum na lang ko… Rubber Tree… Didto sa Siquijor bai. Gikapoy na ko diri Cagayan bai, hinay ang kinabuhi…”

Damn! All the while, the oil palm and rubber tree plantations here amazed me. Why I didn’t at least hear these trees in the Philippines…

Why not?

So I asked if I could pitch in. He was planning by the middle of next year so I still have time to align my mind and focus on planning.

My brother told me that there is actually a plantation and a government supported outgrowers in Bohol and the following week, a hometown friend contacted me while I was on my way to Clark Airport. He told me that Balilihan, Bohol is one of the places where the potential for Oil Palm growers are good. I just happen to have at least 10has of unused land for farming….

I just need some investors… The stakes are really good…. Hopefully, planting starts on January next year, God willing. I’ll just have to work for it.

I just talked to Dorb just now telling me that his Siquijor plots are not feasible, he might as well pitch in with mine. Ella and I will be going to Bohol on August and see things through. Hopefully, we could start at least something. One of our ninongs is very interested about it… I just have to find way to convert his interest to investment.

At least, with a mind wandering around… I dream and it doesn’t stop here and it never should...

Monday, April 09, 2007

What happened to him?

Taken last 24 March 2007 at the hotel entrance in Genting Highlands. The chinese guy may had a very tragic casino nightmare the night before... Seellan in the foreground is making fun out of him. tsk tsk tsk!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

To Ella

Dear Ella,

It's been three years since we exchanged vows, hon, and it's been quite a bumpy ride. We both know our relationship was not perfect, despite the efforts of making it perfect. It was fun.


Hon, when Josh came, my world stopped for a moment. I knew you had been through a tough day, you were in pain. But you just showed me how you detached from the labor pains while you were sleeping after the operation. You complained about the pains the next day but you showed me how to be strong when in pain.

I still remember when you cried learning that Josh has to be left in the hospital when you were discharged two days later. I felt you broke down that afternoon when you asked of my hugs but you still tried to be strong. I still remember when you were asking me after my visits to Josh on how he looked like... or if I was able to hug him... or when was Josh discharged from the nursery... And I still remember how happy you were hugging Josh for the first time when he was discharged. I felt it, hon.


Then Lela came. This time, you were well prepared. I remember you told me that Lela looks like Josh when you were just transfered to your room after the operation. You told me that Lela looks pretty and it brought laughter in me, hon, knowing the good news straight from you.

We have wonderful kids, hon. Despite the bumpy ride, at the end of the day, both of them eases our pressures. Lela loves to kiss, Josh loves to hug. Aren't they sweet?

It's been a bumpy ride, hon, and I know there will be more bumps ahead. I know I have my share of things, I understand that I have hurt you, I understand that I may have cross some lines... and I am sorry about all those things. Know that I will try my best not to hurt you in everything that I do. My world revolves around the three of you, hon, and I will make sure that I will keep it this way. No compromises.

I want to thank you for all these years, hon. We are moving forward, I believe. There will be more bumps ahead, for sure. Just hold on to what we believe, hon. I know we will make it through.


I love you and I'm still in love with you. Happy Anniversary.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fried rice and scrambled eggs

It was in the mid-90s when I decided to leave home to pursue my high school education. Life was tough in Cagayan de Oro that my mama was really struggling for us to live another day. I knew I had to do something.

I saw my mom one afternoon sleeping, tired. We had no electricity that time and it was so hot that day. Mama was lying on bed, tired, and I could see perspiration dripping down on her forehead… I just stopped at our bedroom door staring at her… “Kapoy na kaayo si mama…” was on my thoughts and I can still remember how I felt that afternoon. I felt like I was not helping her much and I thought I had to do something for her.

That made me decide to leave for Bohol. All I knew was I had to finish at least high school somewhere else. That was the first time I had a goal. Finish at least high school.

But life was tougher. For two years I was a houseboy and at the same time studying. I had to earn it and I think that experience was worth taking. Tatay Rudy (SLN) was tough that it came to the point that I hated him so much. But later on I realized he was just trying to mold me, indirectly though, but he really made something good for me as a person.

All I needed was a letter from my mama or from Joy maybe, or from papa, which I believed he wouldn’t… I just wanted to know how were they back home, or maybe I just want to know if they missed me. The letters were seldom coming, sometimes, once in months. But I didn’t stop me from writing them a letter at least once in two weeks. It was my only way to at least express my madness. I remember that time, a postage stamp was worth a peso and I had to ask from my aunts (mama’s sisters) on a Tuesday, a market day. Tatay would give me money, of course, but a peso or five from my aunts was really special for me. I remember Tiya Ining (SLN) would hug me when I visited her small kakanin stall in the market or she would complain in tears if she couldn’t give me something. Tiya Inyang was really nice. She was like mama. She would talk to me like I am her own kid… and I felt like I was talking to mama also.

I really looked forward for Tuesdays those days. It felt like home.

I can’t forget one day when my friends threw me a “mañanita” for the first time. Mañanita was an old practice when friends would serenade you on your birthday at dawn. It was really nice and I really felt like I was really special, damn big time! Maybe, I was just trying to fit around or was insecure that I really wanted a boost… at least that day. It happened again but I was expecting it. It was not as fun as the first one though but it still felt good.

Well, those were the days. Like before, I am alone here in a bit strange place. I could only expect a call from my wife, hear my son’s voice over the phone or my daughter’s cries… Last night, I could only look outside from my room’s window watching the rain… no mañanita to expect, no friends coming, just me. No suman or biko to take but fried rice and scrambled eggs...

I’m 31 today… and I am missing my family more…

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Missing my family for the nth time...

I took a couple of blottles of beer last night just to make me sleep. Like most of my scheduled departure for Malaysia, I had a hard time sleeping the night before. So I took my usual medication for sleep deprivation, San Mig Light! hahaha!!!

The alarm went on at around 4:45am and I had this feeling of not going to stand up from bed. I just hugged my son while feeding him. I look at my 9-month old daugther while she was sound asleep. She seem very peaceful sleeping and that seem to start a very good day for me.

My wife, Ella, was still either half awake or half sleeping. I made a little embrace to before setting off for a bath...

Well, I guess that started my day today. Early morning wake-up call for the usual travel to Malaysia... feeling saddened by the fact that I'll be leaving again my family and be alone again for the next week or two. But on the other hand, I feel good knowing that I am doing this for them, for my family's future.

I am missing Josh's songs, cries, and his wits. I am missing Lela's kisses. I am missing Ella's company and her mumbles and her laughter. I am missing their love. I am missing the joy of being with them..

As I take the ride going to Clark, then goes the feeling of emptiness setting in. Maybe, I was enjoying more and more the company of my kids each day or I am missing the milestones that my kids have while I am away, or I will be missing the company of my wife for the next few days... these thoughts make me feel depressed and tired...

I just arrived here in Malacca. Tomorrow will be a new day and the next days and I look forward for coming back home again in a week of two...

Oh God I missed them...

Friday, February 16, 2007

This time I worth the cent

"Pre, narining mo na ba ang kantang 'Tatsulok' ni Bamboo?" tanong ko dun sa isang matalik kong kaibigan sa skype...

"Hindi pa, ano yun?" pabalik nyang tanong sa akin...

So pinadala ko na lang yung link ng website ni Bamboo para nya marinig...

"Hindi ko makita..." balik nya sa king pagkaraan ng ilang minuto... "ano ba nilalaman nun?"

"Makabayan dre yung kanta, narinig ko lang sa magic 89.9 at nakarelate ako agad..." balik ko sa kanya. Natutuwa lang siguro ako dahil magaling ang marketing ni Bamboo sa isang makabayang kanta...

"Naks! makabayan!" kumento nya na may halong pang-aasar. "Makabayan na sa ibang bayan nagtratrabaho... nyahahahahahaha!!!"

Ganyan lang naman kami paminsan-minsan. Asaran sa text or sa skype lalo pag nababato sa harap ng PC. At medjo nakakalamang ko palagi sa pang-aasar... hehehe!

Nagbibiro lang ang pare ko. Pero napaisip din ako dun sa biruan na yun...

Nung isang araw, nabasa ko naman ang isang post ni Bean na ang pamagat ay "OFW:Bayaning Taksil." Maiksi lang ang post na yun pero yun ay isang mapait na katotohanan sa aming mga OFW...

So ano nga ba? May halaga ba talaga kaming mga OFW sa bayan...

Nung isang buwan, nalaman ko na kailangan ko naman magbayad ng buwis sa Malaysia. Katakot-takot ang buwis.

"Mr. Jay, if you stay here less than 90 days last year, you will have to pay at least RM11,000.00 but if you stayed more you will only pay less than RM2000.00. Deadline of payments will be on 30April2007." Our company's accountant told me such terrible news...

So nadagdagan na naman ang kataksilan ko sa mahal kong bayan. Wala naman akong naalalang nagbayad ako ng ganyan kalaking halaga nung nagtratrabaho pa ako sa pinas. Yung huling dalawang kumpanyang pinagtratrabahuan ko ay medjo dinaya pa ang sweldo namin para lang makaiwas kami sa malaking buwisan. Nagpapasalamat pa kami sa management namin nun dahil malaking kaluwagan nga naman sa aming mga empleyado ang sistemang yun.

May choice pa ba ako? Wala. Sumunod sa sistema. Ipagpatuloy ang buhay OFW...

Kanina, nabasa ko na naitala ang pinakamalaking padala mga OFW sa mga kapamilya. Hanggang sa labin-apat na bilyong dolyar ang naipadala ng may siyam na milyong OFW sa taong 2006. Halos katumbas sa kalahati ng taunang budget ng bansa. Ang halagang yun ay katumbas ng pagod, pawis, at pangungulila. Halos linggu-linggo may naririning tayo na may nagagahasang pinay sa ibang bayan. Nagpakamatay dahil hindi nakayanan ang pang-aapi ng mga amo. Nabuwang sa pang-aabuso ng mga amo. Napatay. Pumatay. Nakidnap... para lang maitaguyod ang naiwang pamilya sa pinas...

Nakakalungkot pero ito ay katotohanan...

Tama si Bean at may tama din ang biro ng pare ko. Kataksilang nga siguro yan. Sana man lang nagamit namin ang kakayahang tumulong magpaunlad ng ibang bayan sa sariling bayan...

Ngayon, pagkatapos ng kontrata namin sa ibang bayan... may kasiguruhan ba ang trabaho para sa amin pagbalik sa Pinas?

"Nagtratrabaho sa ibang bayan, dre, para sa bayan. Bagong bayani nga tawag sa amin, di ba? At least this time, I worth the cent..."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tol, ang sakit ng almuranas ko!

Reminds me when I had a horrible experience after sitting on the kingly throne. Damn, it hurts! I can't forget what happened next. My colleague was washing his hands and he saw me through the mirror as I was coming out from the toilet...

"Pare, mukhang ang asim ng mukha mo a..." said my colleague who was neither grinning nor smiling. He's like trying to emulate the look of my face... Like he just saw blood gushing out from my behind and going to faint...

"Pare, sakit ng almuranas ko!" I uttered back trying to hide the pain from my behind...

He laughed out loud, his laughter echoed down the hallway. Me, I can't even talk and standing straight was so painful!

I went to the clinic to have my bottom checked. She asked me few questions and all that I can remember the most was this...

"Jay, let's try this. I Will do a digital check on you." She said...

"Digital check? You mean may ipapasok po kayong high-tech na instrumento sa pwet ko dok?" I told her back thinking about all the high tech gadgets of the modern world and of course I was working with all those high tech machines in the shop floor...

"Hindi Jay, ipapasok ko lang tong daliri ko sa pwet mo..." she answered back like she's going to have a major operation on me...

Shit! I will be fingered!!! It will be my first! Damn!

"Wag na doc, bigyan mo na lang ako ng gamot na ako na lang ang magpasok..." Answered her back and I stood up to tell her that I am done with her.

Well, I can still feel my hemoroid once in a while and I am getting used to it...

Anyway, I just can't help but remember this experience whenever I see Mike Defensor's Ad on TV. I can't even laugh at because it's not funny! The ad really sucks! Whoever directed that ad may have all the hemoroids in the world surrounding him during the shoot.

"Tol! Mike Defensor! Iboboto kita pagka-senador!" Shouts the PacMan look-alike (I don't know his name) and some other personas like Keanna Reaves...

Mike Defensor looks back with the barbed-wire teeth coming out and with face trying to cover up the pain in his ass. He didn't utter a single word but maybe trying to say this silently...

"Tol, ang sakit ang almuranas ko!"

Damn Ad!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My top 10 list of unsenatoriables

The Grand Opposition, The Unity Ticket, The Wednesday Club, Richard Gomez, and Manny Pacquiao. Newsmakers of these days like no other. Forget everything but politics.

I may say, I have to vote and I have no choice but to vote. But who among them that I vote? Certainly, not Pacquiao. I am not from General Santos City... but the heck, if I happen to be from General Santos City, would I vote for him? hmmmm...

So I may just need to wrap up my no-holds-barred opinion about why I should not vote for these candidates:

1. Richard Gomez. Actor. Billboard model for Bench and Belo Medical Group, and some other products. Showbiz TV host. Athlete. Once represented Mamayan Ayaw sa Droga (MAD) but was disqualified via technicality by the COMELEC a few years back. I AM NOT AGAINST ARTISTS running for political office. It's just that Richard Gomez for me is one of the people who have good probability of being a mad politician. A tactless hosting encounter with Erik Santos/Ruffa last year is a real shallow. He's like another injustice secretary in the making. An incident with the Shooting Association members last year made headline. Damn! He can't even get along with a minor organization...

2. Aquino-Oreta, Sotto. Sister of Ninoy and the latter an Artist. Both are former senators. Both are former allies of Estrada. Known critic of the Arroyo Administration. Two of the strongest voices of the Arroyo Resign campaigns! Now jumped-ship! Once in an interview with DZBB, Oreta said that it's their affiliation with their party made them aligned with the administration. My goodness! Then what! After these guys win, jump ship again and shout madly at Arroyo to resign. This is purely political survival of the meanest.

3. Angara. Hmmmm... I have no question of his ability to be Senator. One of the best there is. But gracious! Why is he in the administration ticket? He's got chances of winning this race but I will not vote for him for jumping ship. Same reason as no.2.

4. Pimentel. Oh my goodness. Look, I may not be looking at his best potential but... I don't know really. I wonder if he can get Cagayan de Oro votes. His father even did not win when he ran for vice presidency on CDO. Other family names please!!! If he wins, the senate really becomes a family affair.

5. Cayetano. He's got good publicity in the past three years. One of the staunch critic of the Arroyo family, if not the staunchest. Maybe a good congressman, I am not sure of it. But in the case of talking about all the accounts the first family may have in Germany for me is so shallow. You can't just talk without evidence to show lah. Yes, maybe Mike Arroyo have a lot of bogus accounts in all the countries in the world but please show us first! Simple process engineering tool; No data. No talk. Second, I am not into the idea of having mother and son in the Senate... and so with brothers and sisters tandem.

6. Pangilinan. I love Sharon, to the max. My mother loves her too! Sealed the presidential elections with the word "Noted" and few years later shouted that Arroyo should resign... I don't know. He should have stood by his principles like the great injustice secretary. I would rather vote for Secretary Gonzales. I hate this guy to the max but this is the kind of guy who stands by his own principles even when hated.

7. Chavit Singson. Ilocos Sur Governor. Come on, give me a break...

8. John Osmena. Former Senator. I hope he becomes former senator for good. Aren't we tired of seing old faces with the same old style? his ads even tell me that "Hey Jay, we are here since the beginning and we should continue to reign until the end..." Great. Some other family names please...

9. Coseteng. Former Senator. I don't know her actually. Better not to know her lah.

Those are the ten of my list. I am still weighing options on who to vote from the remaining candidates.

And if I happen to be from GenSan? Manny, you have done really good already for our country. I still hope that your decision is not final yet. Please continue to do what you know best... boxing. Please...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daybreak at Caleruega


trail leading to Caleruega

The plan was to have breakfast in Tagaytay after we were invited by Ella's aunt for a breakfast at Josephine's Restaurant last Sunday, 11February. The thing was, the restaurant opens at around 8am as we were told and we woke up at around 445am so I decided to go to Caleruega first. So we left our place at around 530am and it was still dark.

The morning scenery of the countryside was so amazing and it was jaw dropping... So here are the pictures that we took on that beautiful morning.


Ella, Josh and Shai posing like mad in this area. We took about 6 pictures just in this location. It's really a very welcoming sight. This is right before the trail descends to Caleruega.


Josh and Shai on the steps leading to the church.


Caleruega church at the background. This church is famous for weddings and retreats. The scenery is just great yet very refreshing to the mind...


Me, Josh, and Shai...


At the church's entrance. Sadly, there was a retreat that day that we were hesitant to take photos inside.

Ella, Josh and Shai on top on one of the retreat cottages at the side of the hill...


Madonna and Child statue at the side of the hill where the church is situated. Josh was just so amazed with these religious icons. He was screaming mad just to go near the statue...

Interested in going to Caleruega? Here's how:

Via South Luzon Expressway, take Sta. Rosa exit and proceed towards Tagaytay Market. Turn Right to Rotonda and proceed to Nasugbu, Batangas. Turn left at the Evercrest Hotel and Restaurant. It is about 500meters from the Nasugbu Arch. The road ends at Caleruega. Really, it's worth the trip!

For couples who may want to consider a great venue for their wedding and for retreat enquiries, you may cantact Caleruega-Philippines at +63921-2709890 or +63921-8304226. Ask for Ms. Jackie, Ms. Imelda or Ms. Cristalle.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tatsulok by Bamboo

ph Just want to share the lyrics of tatsulok (Triangle) by Bamboo. I heard this song last week over Magic 89.9 and I was madly looking for the title and lyrics of this song... until yesterday when I saw Bamboo on TV.

So here it is!!!

Totoy bilisan mo, bilisan mo ang takbo
Ilagan ang mga bombang nakatutok sa ulo mo
Totoy tumalon ka, dumapa kung kailangan
At baka tamaan pa ng mga balang ligaw

Totoy makinig ka, wag kang magpa-gabi
Baka mapagkamalan ka’t humandusay dyan sa tabi
Totoy alam mo ba kung ano ang puno’t dulo
Ng di matapos-tapos na kaguluhang ito

Hindi pula’t dilaw tunay na magkalaban
Ang kulay at tatak ay di syang dahilan
Hangga’t marami ang lugmok sa kahirapan
At ang hustisya ay para lang sa mayaman

Habang may tatsulok at sila ang nasa tuktok
Di matatapos itong gulo

Ngunit ng suminag,kay daming mga tao,
At ang dating munting bukid, ngayo’y sementeryo
Totoy kumilos ka, baliktarin ang tatsulok
Tulad ng dukha, nailagay mo sa tuktok

Hindi pula’t dilaw tunay na magkalaban
Ang kulay at tatak ay di syang dahilan
Hangga’t marami ang lugmok sa kahirapan
At ang hustisya ay para lang sa mayaman

Habang may tatsulok at sila ang nasa tuktok
Di matatapos itong gulo

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No second circumcision for me!

I'm back! I was out, 20 days, but I'm back! Work pressures and some other thoughts made me stop blogging for a while... But the heck, I'm back in one piece.

Finally, Mayor Aguillo of Cabuyao, Laguna made up her mind in rehabilitating the Pulo-Diezmo Road. Damn, I bet that I be circumcised again if there will be no road repairs one week before the start of filing of candidacy. My 11 years stay in Cabuyao, Laguna is enough for me to predict what will happen during this period. Thanks God!

Now I am betting another one. The rehabilitated road will be damaged again in two years.

Well, what can I say? Three elections. Three road rehabilitations. Same road. Same road. Motorists using this road are quite happy seeing a bunch of workers rehabilitating that crucial artery of Cabuyao, Laguna despite the heavy traffic. But not much.

Why do I sound so negative??? Why?

Because, while the municipal engineering of cabuyao trying to fix the road, with all this road rehab budgets, and all... they still did not put any storm drainage in that artery... It's plain and simple engineering solution. Drainage! Constant flow of water destroys even the toughest concrete and that is always the reason why this fucking road is so damaged a year or two before elections!

Then the storm season comes. Floodwater flowing from the South Luzon Expressway down to the low-lying areas passing through Pulo-Diezmo Road to San Carlos Village... for months. With heavy lorries passing through this road everyday... Thanks God there is Discovery Channel!

It will always be the same old story. Another road rehabilitation in January of 2010. Another budget. Another pork barrel funding. Another shit.

Makes me think... Hmmm. Is this political tool really makes sense?

But the hell! There will be no second circumcision for me. At least this time...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Palace is now saying that Perez is innocent! Great!

It is much the same as inJustice Secretary Gonzales telling us that Smith's transfer to the US embassy is better than pardon.....


In fairness to the injustice league, they are just trying cover-up an ass of their own as Secretary Ermita was saying: "Perez is one of us..."

Okay, that makes Perez another one hell of a Joke!


Garci being the bigger joke and Bolante being the biggest Joc.

Great! What a line-up for the Philippine's best! Best covered-up comedians!


Garci, who is running for congress in May2007 elections, said he will prove to the Filipino people that he can win an election without cheating...

Right on the mark! This means, he had cheated before!


This means also that there will be no "Hello Garci" incident with his win.

Only, "Hello, ma'am? Marami po tayong naibawas sa kalaban..."


Joke-joke Bolante is asking for US assylum because the Philippine Senate is raping him!



Joke-joke Bolante has seen better days in the Department of Agriculture. Amassed millions of people's wealth. Ended up in US jail for immigration violations.

Wow, justice moves in mysterious ways....


Palace too insinuates that the Big Joke is innocent. Otherwise, they too would have asked US to deport him back to the Philippines.

"He is one of us..." Great!

If Perez will run for office this coming elections and wins and if Garci wins in his congressional bid, the country will probably be laughing a lot and the outsiders will laugh out louder!

With possible headline in May 2007..."Philippines elect comedians!"


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Can we just give reason a chance?

Garci, Cha-Cha, the congress' own midnight madness, the VFA loophole and the Smith's show and now the latest, the endangered Gulf Air flight. Gracious!

GMA may be had all the right that fateful day to shutdown NAIA runways to make way for her jet for security reasons. This is basically the president's prerogative. However, with the issue of endangering the lives of 230 passengers on an airplane low on fuel is plain and simple mindlessness. The air traffic controllers should have allowed the plane to land first in the issue of passenger safety before GMA's plane to take off. I am sure, GMA can wait for 10 minutes just to accomodate a passenger plane with probably most of the passengers were OFWs. I am sure that the weeding of Rep. Nograles' son could wait for the president to arrive at the church considering that she is a VIP!

The pilot diverted GF154 to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) without even the assistance of NAIA's air traffic controllers. It's the pilots' pure instict. But the catch is, Manila didn't even informed Gulf Air's ground staff of the whereabouts of the plane when it disappeared on their control screen. Great!

What if the nearest airport is 1 hour away from NAIA? What if the plane depleted its fuel and crashed? Is this presidential prerogative a valid excuse for the deaths of 230 passengers and the lives of the residents within the vicinity?

Would this be another "pilot error" episode? Would this be another "I am sorry" episode? Then another photo-ops episode for the lousy politicians?

Come on ATO! Can we just give reason a fucking chance?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Smith Show

"My golly, it's better that way. What would they want? That we will just let the judgment become final and then pardon him?"

Those were the words of the Injustice Secretary of the Arroyo administration. Secretary Raul Gonzales was quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on a press conference called by the Injustice League yesterday.

Well, what can I say? The secretary is just confirming that he has a leaded tongue, i mean like a pig's tongue plated with the poisonous lead. If he is the one of the brightest minds of this current 'fake' administration, then what will we call a yolk-less egg? He is just as fit as the contestants of the gag show "Battle of the Brainless."

He is just trying to fuel more hatred among the very people that he should serve. Ironic as I may think, this is the only secretary that severely criticizes his own judges over judgments not in terms with his cruel intents. Why the hell he was secretary of justice anyway?

Now he is giving us a preview on how the Smith Show ends. A presidential pardon at the end. Yes! Even when the Supreme Court of this republic upholds Judge Pozon's decision, the president will pardon him anyway. So where will all these arguments go? This is just a comedy show! Then later on at the middle of the night while we sleep, the president will just simply pardon Smith and let him slip to the US!

That will be "Midnight Madness III, the final escape!"

The fact that the administration will simply twist or desecrate the very fundamental law of the land just to maintain the so-called friendship with the US, then there is no reason for me to disagree that we are only puppets of a facist government! We try to emulate the so-called greatness of the US when in no way, we don't have a chance (at this point) to be like the americans!

Diplomatic friendship, in my point of view should be just and equal. Not that the other only enjoys the sweetness of it and the other desgraced. Otherwise, this is not friendship afterall. This is just a simple act of 'garapalan' with the Philippines being abused.

Then they are worried about how fast news spread around the world? Then with that, we have to kiss asses just to make sure that their demonic faces are covered?

Yes, I am not a lawyer nor a politician. I am just a common tao, common pinoy... reading between the lines and lies.

I beg your pardon, Mr. Injustice Secretary? Pardon? Pardon?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just a wishlist

New year. This is the time when I got to believe that I am growing old, of course next to my birthday. Goodness, my birthday is fast approaching!

Well, I just got here some of my wishlist for this year. Some maybe an attemp to reach beyond the moon, but I'll give it a try though...

1. A three-column template for my blogger blog. This one is already granted just this afternoon. Thanks hackosphere for the easy to understand turorial!

2. A car! This time my wife and I realized that we need to have one. Jeez! For a year we haven't thought about this one. Damn!

3. A concept a small-scale business. I was trying to fish out for a good start since November but I am still not sure of what product do I want to promote. This one is still an important goal for me. I am trying to dig into franchising business and hopefully I could be able to land one.

4. My own URL. Like www.jaylagat.com or www.langyawnijay.com or www.kathangisipnijay.com or whatever. Crossing my fingers!

5. A travel to Boracay or Panglao with Ella on our anniversary. This one is my two-year old wish. Grrrrrrr.... But I am not wishing for a third child. hehehe!

6. My own personal computer. Learn to develop webpages and flash. or a playstation 3 or wii. hayyyyy....

7. My kids be of good health the whole year! I wish that Josh's ability to learn will be more and more faster so that he will be going to school next year!

8. Better relationship with Ella.

9. Makeover Ella's office on a Saturday before I leave for Malaysia this month. lol! This one is a junkie! hahaha! Well, we have some frames here ready for an office makeover.

10. Though the Philippine economy is getting better (NEDA says), I wish that Filipinos will be able to feel it. Kahit konti lang po.

11. I wish that the current leadership will no longer sell filipino souls to the americans.

12. I wish Richard Gomez will not run for the Senate and I also wish that Garci will not win in the congressional elections.

13. I wish that the injustice secretary will lose his voice so that we will never hear his noise again. Kahit sobrang malat lang sa buong taon, matutupad na wish ko na to.

14. I wish that GMA and most of the politicians will join a reality TV show. Yung concept na tipong titira sya sa squatters area or sa ilalim ng tulay or pwede rin sa may malapit sa dumpsite.

15. Mayor Nila Aguilio will realize that the Pulo-Diezmo road in Cabuyao, Laguna is almost not usable for vehicles. Oh, where is the road tax going? Hello? Are you there, Mayor?

16. Daniel Smith will go back to the Makati City Jail the least... Sa Bilibid kaya?

Well, these are my top16. Nine of these I considered attainable. The others, I don't know.

Happy New year everyone!