Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just a wishlist

New year. This is the time when I got to believe that I am growing old, of course next to my birthday. Goodness, my birthday is fast approaching!

Well, I just got here some of my wishlist for this year. Some maybe an attemp to reach beyond the moon, but I'll give it a try though...

1. A three-column template for my blogger blog. This one is already granted just this afternoon. Thanks hackosphere for the easy to understand turorial!

2. A car! This time my wife and I realized that we need to have one. Jeez! For a year we haven't thought about this one. Damn!

3. A concept a small-scale business. I was trying to fish out for a good start since November but I am still not sure of what product do I want to promote. This one is still an important goal for me. I am trying to dig into franchising business and hopefully I could be able to land one.

4. My own URL. Like or or or whatever. Crossing my fingers!

5. A travel to Boracay or Panglao with Ella on our anniversary. This one is my two-year old wish. Grrrrrrr.... But I am not wishing for a third child. hehehe!

6. My own personal computer. Learn to develop webpages and flash. or a playstation 3 or wii. hayyyyy....

7. My kids be of good health the whole year! I wish that Josh's ability to learn will be more and more faster so that he will be going to school next year!

8. Better relationship with Ella.

9. Makeover Ella's office on a Saturday before I leave for Malaysia this month. lol! This one is a junkie! hahaha! Well, we have some frames here ready for an office makeover.

10. Though the Philippine economy is getting better (NEDA says), I wish that Filipinos will be able to feel it. Kahit konti lang po.

11. I wish that the current leadership will no longer sell filipino souls to the americans.

12. I wish Richard Gomez will not run for the Senate and I also wish that Garci will not win in the congressional elections.

13. I wish that the injustice secretary will lose his voice so that we will never hear his noise again. Kahit sobrang malat lang sa buong taon, matutupad na wish ko na to.

14. I wish that GMA and most of the politicians will join a reality TV show. Yung concept na tipong titira sya sa squatters area or sa ilalim ng tulay or pwede rin sa may malapit sa dumpsite.

15. Mayor Nila Aguilio will realize that the Pulo-Diezmo road in Cabuyao, Laguna is almost not usable for vehicles. Oh, where is the road tax going? Hello? Are you there, Mayor?

16. Daniel Smith will go back to the Makati City Jail the least... Sa Bilibid kaya?

Well, these are my top16. Nine of these I considered attainable. The others, I don't know.

Happy New year everyone!

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