Sunday, January 07, 2007

Can we just give reason a chance?

Garci, Cha-Cha, the congress' own midnight madness, the VFA loophole and the Smith's show and now the latest, the endangered Gulf Air flight. Gracious!

GMA may be had all the right that fateful day to shutdown NAIA runways to make way for her jet for security reasons. This is basically the president's prerogative. However, with the issue of endangering the lives of 230 passengers on an airplane low on fuel is plain and simple mindlessness. The air traffic controllers should have allowed the plane to land first in the issue of passenger safety before GMA's plane to take off. I am sure, GMA can wait for 10 minutes just to accomodate a passenger plane with probably most of the passengers were OFWs. I am sure that the weeding of Rep. Nograles' son could wait for the president to arrive at the church considering that she is a VIP!

The pilot diverted GF154 to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) without even the assistance of NAIA's air traffic controllers. It's the pilots' pure instict. But the catch is, Manila didn't even informed Gulf Air's ground staff of the whereabouts of the plane when it disappeared on their control screen. Great!

What if the nearest airport is 1 hour away from NAIA? What if the plane depleted its fuel and crashed? Is this presidential prerogative a valid excuse for the deaths of 230 passengers and the lives of the residents within the vicinity?

Would this be another "pilot error" episode? Would this be another "I am sorry" episode? Then another photo-ops episode for the lousy politicians?

Come on ATO! Can we just give reason a fucking chance?

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Hermie said...

I agree, Jay.