Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Smith Show

"My golly, it's better that way. What would they want? That we will just let the judgment become final and then pardon him?"

Those were the words of the Injustice Secretary of the Arroyo administration. Secretary Raul Gonzales was quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on a press conference called by the Injustice League yesterday.

Well, what can I say? The secretary is just confirming that he has a leaded tongue, i mean like a pig's tongue plated with the poisonous lead. If he is the one of the brightest minds of this current 'fake' administration, then what will we call a yolk-less egg? He is just as fit as the contestants of the gag show "Battle of the Brainless."

He is just trying to fuel more hatred among the very people that he should serve. Ironic as I may think, this is the only secretary that severely criticizes his own judges over judgments not in terms with his cruel intents. Why the hell he was secretary of justice anyway?

Now he is giving us a preview on how the Smith Show ends. A presidential pardon at the end. Yes! Even when the Supreme Court of this republic upholds Judge Pozon's decision, the president will pardon him anyway. So where will all these arguments go? This is just a comedy show! Then later on at the middle of the night while we sleep, the president will just simply pardon Smith and let him slip to the US!

That will be "Midnight Madness III, the final escape!"

The fact that the administration will simply twist or desecrate the very fundamental law of the land just to maintain the so-called friendship with the US, then there is no reason for me to disagree that we are only puppets of a facist government! We try to emulate the so-called greatness of the US when in no way, we don't have a chance (at this point) to be like the americans!

Diplomatic friendship, in my point of view should be just and equal. Not that the other only enjoys the sweetness of it and the other desgraced. Otherwise, this is not friendship afterall. This is just a simple act of 'garapalan' with the Philippines being abused.

Then they are worried about how fast news spread around the world? Then with that, we have to kiss asses just to make sure that their demonic faces are covered?

Yes, I am not a lawyer nor a politician. I am just a common tao, common pinoy... reading between the lines and lies.

I beg your pardon, Mr. Injustice Secretary? Pardon? Pardon?


fruityoaty said...

Hmmm, insightful view point. I'd have to agree with what you wrote.

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