Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Money and Friendships

I once worked for a top sales company in the Philippines as an account manager for core business division. At first, I was a bit hesitant to shift from being a technical person to sales. Though, I had been selling before, I am just hesitant to the fact that my my selling experience was very basic.

The very reason I joined this company was for my survival. The manufacturing company that I was employed to was cutting down workdays and laying-off some of the workforce. When they offered a redundancy program, I was lucky enough to be one of the applicants to be approved.

It was culture shock the very day I joined this company. I never thought that it would be that tough but I tried to learn as much as I can take for me to fit in. Lucky for me, my primary role was to maintain some small companies and grab some oppurtunity if there are any.

After nine months, I had my first sale. I was able to steal business from the competitor that was holding the business for five years. Though the business was small, it was my first milestone being a salesman. After that, some more sales came in. I was one of the topsalesman then. I can't say that I am good. I just believe to the thinking of being positive with some lucks around. I did received some awards for outstanding sales. Cool.

However, I came to the point where I was starting to compare the margins I was providing to the company against my salary. In a way, maybe I was just a person who wants more... Like most of us, unsatisfied. Second, I just started having a family and the revenue was not enough for us to survive... or was just that we spend more than what we can afford.

I need money (again...).

An opportunity came. I was pirated. Cool.

I knew I was about to get promoted. I knew I had a future with the company. I had good friendships. I had the company's trust. But, where's the money?

I took the bait. One could say that I was hurting my friends and the company who helped me grow. I also knew for the fact that I was joining a start-up company and that things will be tough. I also knew for the fact that I was joining a competitor and it may have sent a wrong signal to my clientile. But I need money...

It was horrifying. I had seen things that was once a hearsay. It must be a joke. I was trying harder and harder each day yet I don't see any results. My boss would give me a call and would try to say things that I don't expect from a boss. I started to tumble and failing. Confusion adds up to the my concerns. It was a free-fall.

I remember my boss telling me that it was my last month. For himself, he was trying to tell me that he lost a lot of friendships because of me even at the very first day that I joined this company. I took his words.


"Mr. Jay, I hope that money can make you happy..." Those were the last words my previous boss told me... and I never was. I lost some confidence. I lost friendships. I lost respect. I was losing.

I realize that I shouldn't have took the bait. I should have stayed. I should have waited for the right time. I should have thought of the farm philosophy. But that was then...

I am happy now. I am starting to bring back my confidence. I have renewed some of the friendships that I lost. I could say that I don't see money as a big part of my decision making. Though money makes sense after all, it can never buy friendships, self-confidence, and peace of mind.

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