Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Oh come on! We're friends!

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My wife has been bugging me about the number of friends I have in Facebook. In a way, she was wondering if the ones in my list are really my friends outside Facebook. Do I really have to share my life to virtual friends that I barely know of, or in some sense, that I never really met personally?

So far none of my virtual friends, I say friends that I never met, have been worrying so far. I got a lot! Some are G-shock retailers, fake sneakers resellers, some are from the photography sector and all that... I don't know, maybe I am just as friendly in the real world as in the virtual world.

But, let's face it. Social media has changed old the rules of relationships... and I am not really against it. That's why Ella was bugging me all about it last night.

Well, at least I didn't find them annoying nor they are abusive. In fact, I find most of them very interesting. Nap Beltran, a virtual friend from the photography world, I find him amusing and intellectual in so many ways. I can disagree with his political views as much as I can agree with some of his. But the persona that he is (or she) is just as ideal for a friend. Real life friends on the other hand can hardly get to his standard, I believe so. Well, I could only hope I could meet him someday and scratch some of his fingernails... And well, Nap is gay and I don't mind. I would rather have gay friends who are truthful and trustworthy than have them straights who lack balls.

Internet retailers. Most probably we wouldn't trust them. That's why potential buyers would research about these retailers before purchasing from them. Or we would probably just buy from the legitimate stores in a mall. Kenneth Yu, a watch retailer. I trust him. Not that I am an advocate for underground businesses... but this guy is really trustworthy. With the transactions that I have with him, and hundreds more like me who would like to catch a really good discounts, he is the man. Real life friends, some will charge you "extra" until you probably rot in hell. Trust is an ultimate issue and sadly, the real world lacks of it as much as in the virtual world.

Eric Acosta, of pinoyguns. He's my go-to person when it comes to FA ownership. I asked a lot of questions about guns and he wouldn't mind answering all my queries with a "Bro." before my name. That's an extra mile... In the real world, them so called friends would even mock you for that silly question you were asking and most like will call you "tanga naman..."

Does it matter really to have more virtual friends than one must have? Does it matter really that one must have more real friends than "who-the-hell-they-are" friends? 

Nah! I wouldn't mind having them hanging around my timeline and enjoying their intellects than them people who would encroach to my life, to our lives... making a mockery out of me.

These past few months is a realization for me, and probably for my wife too. Some friends come, they hang out, make a mess... and they're gone. My virtual friends? They are hanging around in my timeline having a very good time... and so am I.