Friday, October 17, 2008

P6.93M Contingency Fund and an Underequipped PNP

The Philippine National Police delegates to Russia were provided by the Philippine government 6.93 million pesos as contingency fund. A fund, just in case, will be used for emergency purposes in Russia. That's it, 6.93 Million Pesos as emergency fund for some PNP generals.

Possibly for a purchase of tons of caviar and thousands of liters of vodka.

As we all know, there are about 20% of the PNP personnel who have no guns. The SWAT patrol car of Calamba City PNP looks more like a push cart to me than a Toyota FX. A police outpost in Cabuyao is more like a 'tambayan' than an outpost.

So, here's my take on how far the contingency fund will go if smartly spent by the PNP.

1. 770 Norinco 9mm pistols. Twinpines at Festival Mall sells Norinco cal. 9mm at around PhP 9,000.00. This means there will be 700 more police officers that can be armed with a P6.93M budget.

2. 300 MAP1 Tanfoglio/Armscor pistols. I bought mine at PhP21,000.00 at Aquila Trading at Harrison Plaza, Malate. This means that there will be 300 more police officers that can be armed with a P6.93M budget.

3. 141,428.571 liters of premium gasoline. At 10 liters budget allocation per day per patrol car, the P6.93M budget can fuel 200 patrol cars for 70 days.

4. Seven ambulances for the SOCO officers.

5. If one set of PNP uniform costs P6,000.00, the P6.93M budget could dress around 1,100 police personnel.

6. If one set of shoes for the PNP personnel costs P2500.00, the P6.93M budget could be provided for 2,772 police officers.

7. If the basic salary for entry level Police Rank (PO1) is P12,000.00 per month, the P6.93M budget could feed 577 police officers and the families for a month.

8. 6,900 units of electric fans for the Police Outposts.

9. 200 units of personal computers for the Police Outposts which still uses the outdated typewriters.

10. 8 more patrol cars, 30 more M4A1 carbines for the SWAT officers, 120 units of AK47's, 866,250 rounds of reload pistol ammos, 330,00 rounds of factory load ammos... and a lot more...

Does the contingency fund for the generals and wives in Moscow really worth it???

Damn it!

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