Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homeless World Cup Diary

From now on, I will be posting the Homeless World Cup Diaries and everything about Philippine Football. The HWC posts are republished from the emails I received from Mr. Ed Formoso of

HWC Diary #27


The RP Selection to the Homeless World Cup found its story in Page 1 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Sunday...we was in 'We'. The HWC was 'front-paged' and we could only stare and read and re-read all day. Thanks to Elvira Mata for writing it as it is...and then some. To add height to the Sunday high, Krista Montealegre, sportswriter for The Manila Times came out with her piece on the team too.

On Monday, Business Mirror sports columnist and blogger Rick Olivares had his say in an aptly titled piece, 'The Home Team'. Rick also posted the video he took on you-tube, which can now be seen on the team's two partner websites: and

By Wednesday, the players were in 10 newspapers after their appearance at the
Philippine SportsWriters Association forum courtesy of host, Bong Pedralvez. It's been an incredible first four days of the week for the RP 'Seleksyon'.

Tuesday night was at dinner with Ninong Mike Camahort in his Kublai's Rock Mongolian Bar and Grill. All the players and all their coaches received goodies from the big boss of 2Go, who is sponsoring the team's trip to the final camp in Bacolod with Ninong Charlie Cojuangco, November 9-24.

2Go caps and T-shirts for all. The team got interviewed in-between desserts. Lots of pics and goodies from 2Go. Kublai's Rock part-owner and manager Poch Camahort, older brother of Mike, laid it out on the table for the team. And before heading home from this past-bedtime affair, the players were treated to something else-----"Take Out's!" The players took home another round of dinner for their midnight snacks.

On public transports back to their institutions, the team traveled stuffed but verily satisfied.

On a quieter note, team Ninong Danny Moran sent a mass card and money as donation for the burial of little Diana, Nomer's 6-year old sister. After telling Nomer about Danny's financial assistance, Nomer remained silent for a few long seconds. And then he whispered the meekest "Thank you po" you'll ever hear. We heard his heart speak. And then we were speechless. "Thank you Danny, from everyone here."
2009MilanHWCnews: Dave Araral of the South Cotabato Football Association has agreed to work with us in the Milan Homeless World Cup qualifiers. Dave will head Region 12.

From the Asean Football Federation website, Philippine Lady Booters defeated Singapore 3-1 on their first match of the AFF Women's Championships in Vietnam. Rachelle Delos Reyes found her header just two minutes into the game but equalized three minutes later by Sun Jie's freekick.

Ruchell Latap scored on the 23rd minute and skipper Marielle Benitez put up the finishing goal on the 88th minute.

The Philippine Lady Booters will meet Australia later today. The Aussies beat last year's runner Thailand on an impressive 2-0 win.

Go Philippines!

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