Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Smart Rob!

I decided to subscribe to the pre-paid broadband service from Smart Communications to speedup my communication to my potential customers. This is the one the you connect a wireless modem (or whatever that is) to your computer via USB port and with a 3G signal... tada! you are now connected to the internet...

at least....



I realize, I am being robbed everytime I log on... read it ROBBED! 10 precious hard earned pesos everytime I log on. Up to 7x faster than dial-up? Do I hear it right? or is it up to 7x smarter than a bank robberer?

Come on Smart, your system sucks! Your internet product is so slow (much slower than the freaking dial-up) even with a 3G signal and most of the time I had to restart my connection and have my blood pressure go up while restarting it, you freakin robberers!

You guys are not far of than any other criminals out there! May you rest in Jail!

By the way, I am using PLDT broadband right now and this afternoon I'll enrol to Digitel to have my small shop connected and not SMART ROBBED!

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