Sunday, December 14, 2008

Starting the month 'cold'

I did promised HWC for support but I failed them... It was like feeling an itch on my throat that's not willing to stop from scratching. My wife once asked me if I did gave the footballs and I told them soon... I often go to Asian Hospital anyway so I may have some time to visit the HWC address that Mr. Formoso gave me. Actually, I kept the address on my phone, and a reminder that says... 'Jay, the footballs for HWC...'

Until I realized that they left off to Melbourne last week for the competition... Now I am bad as ever...

Do I have still a chance? Of course, I am so sure I will be frequenting Asian Hospital for the rest of this month... and hopefully I could visit the Tuloy sa Don Bosco in Alabang. This blog will surely remind me of that more. It's published, for Christ's sake!

Last week, Josh celebrated his 4th birthday with a bang. He was actually asking for it since September when one of his classmates celebrated his birthday at school. 'Daddy, kelan ba yung December 8?' was almost always a question of the week... and it felt good, really, listening him utter those childish questions.

And so we prepared a big celebration for him. On Friday before his birthday, he felt sick. His asthma was getting worst so we took him to our Pediatrician. Both Josh and Lela had Tonsillitis and Josh's Asthma was really bad. We did thought 'it was just a birthday habit'. On Saturday, he started vomiting with a little fever. He had fever on Sunday when he celebrated in advance but he was better than the day before. He was very happy that day. A lot of kids, a good puppeteer who made everyone laugh, no clowns (of course!) and a lot of fireworks... It was also the time when we first lit our house with Christmas lighting which my brother and I prepared for almost a week. Generally, it was really a great day.

Last Friday, we sent him to hospital for dehydration. His body seem not to accept foods anymore, not even water. He peed on his pants for the first time since he was 2 and he was so weak. He had viral gastroenteritis... and his asthma was worst than ever. He complained a little on the IV. Maybe because I told him that he needed a dextrose for him to feel better... and that the ER nurse is pretty and he won't feel much pain because the nurses will be receiving bonuses because of him. He just listened to me and cried a little during the IV insertion. A few minutes, I thought he was getting better and he was already asking for a doughnut.

Today, he is better except that he is still having a diarrhea. We are expecting him to be out by tomorrow. He is looking forward for the Christmas party in school and I too is preparing with him for that day.

Last Tuesday, I had a CT Angiography on my Renal Artery. I was so freakingly nervous that day as I was thinking that I may be having an renal angioplasty should the result go out positive for arterial blockage. Thanks God, it's almost okay. I only have to trim down my cholesterol to normalize my BP. My skip beats will always be there said my Cardiologist. I just need to go back to gym. He made me stop having treadmill until he was so sure of the maximum parameters... now I should be back!

My thyroids are good. I only need one more test on my urine then I will be visiting an Ophthalmologist to treat my retracted eyelid. Hopefully soon, my face will look normal. cheers!

I started this month a bit cold but I am sure enough everything will almost be okay by Christmas.

And hopefully, I will be sending my late support to HWC guys... and cheer Mr. Formoso at least. Our yearly visit to an Orphanage, going back to gym, a better health for my kids and me and my wife actually are expecting for our third child by March...

A happy Christmas and a great year ahead...


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