Friday, August 22, 2008

A Year That Was

A year and a day since I last blogged. Things have happened, some bad... most were good. Some were just plain stupidity, most were fun...

So here are some!!!


I'm still into selling. I do freelance with a Malaysian company doing business with the Semiconductors and Electronics Industry. Hopefully soon, a factory will be opened here and I know it would open up another opportunity for me. The only thing  I really missed about is working in a corporate world. There were times that I thought I made a bad decision with my career. Sometimes I feel like my career is going nowhere. But looking into the other side, I can see beautiful things. Now, I can easily explore on how I want to live my life to the fullest.

Recently, I opened up a small business in Cabuyao. It is a small one but I can see bigger things out of it. Actually, it is my second one, the first didn't go out that well. I tried franchising, together with a good friend, but it was not successful. We failed in the very basic fundamentals... Supply and Demand, freaking location and timing! It was also the time when food prices was going up. So it happened... And I am crossing my fingers now. Hopefully my second venture goes out fine... as my savings is dwindling... :(

Another one in the near future? There is one feasible plan and it is really big. This will really make me proud of myself!!! hay....


Great things have happened, I believe. My wife and I got to spend a lot of time with each other, we now talk a lot more with so much ease. We now have time to travel together. We went to Bohol, Cebu, Hong Kong, and soon in Bora and Singapore. Unlike before when I was traveling back and forth to Malaysia almost every week. Damn it was horrible at times. Now, I got to spend so much time with my kids! I came to realize how fast time flies that I didn't notice I am sending Josh to Kumon since February and he's now at Junior Casa at a montessori school in Calamba. Next year will be Lela's turn... and just recently we're pregnant again! Tatlo na!!! :D

So people think I am blessed? Yes, I am!


This one is on the downside... I have a slight thyroid abnormality, hyperthyroidism. In effect, my right eyelid is retracted. My Ophthalmologist was telling me that he can't do much about it unless I consider Botox treatment. My Endocrinologist was telling me that she can;t do much about it because my lab results are still within the normal range! So, next week I'm going to see another Endocrinologist to confirm.

I have a dilated left ventricle, an obstructed left renal artery and magnesium deficiency. That's why my blood pressure went up to 170/110 at one point. Now I am taking four pills to control my BP, my cholesterol, and to normalize the magnesium content of my blood.

Am I going to be healthy again? That remains to be seen. Of course, it still depends on how I discipline myself. At least, I seldom drink alcohol now... I mean very seldom and my intake is very minimal... One thing I missed though is eating a lot of pork... :(

Those were some significant things that happened to me. Until now, my Oil Palm plantation is still a dream. It came close to reality but some misunderstanding happened and it left me wandering around for some time. Hopefully soon...

Yup! Hopefully soon!

I'm back again!

It's been exactly a year and a day since I last blogged... the last time I thought I was saying goodbye to blogging, I thought it was the last. But I still find myself browsing to somebody else's blogs and I missed it!

So I'm back! Again... Could be once in a while though, but at least I know I am going back to writing some stuffs.

I am welcoming myself again!